For a complete listing of COVID-19 grants for Massachusetts nonprofits ... the Federal Reserve urging the Treasury and the Fed to ensure that the forthcoming mid-size loan program extends both eligibility and desirable loan terms to the nonprofit sector. The Coalition helps small businesses and non-profit entities in the greater Boston area with one-on-one advice about access to emergency loans and other sources of relief. Not be in default of any federal or state Student Loans for attendance at any institution or owe a refund for any previous financial aid received. Do not include sensitive information, such as Social Security or bank account numbers. Separately, the Red Backpack Fund is offering grants up to $5,000 for majority women-owned businesses. While a related Emergency Advance Program, which provided up to $10,000 and did not need to be repaid, was previously offered to small businesses, this program expired on July 11, 2020. Fax: 617-574-7305. You should consider applying to programs that fit the profile of your business and your business needs. April 8: Guidelines published; Application opens at 10am (ET) If you have questions about eligibility, the … Further details about PPP loans are available, Employers with questions about PPP and unemployment benefits can. GENERAL ELIGIBILITY CONSIDERATIONS FOR COVID-19 Outcome: To define the overarching framework for all eligible work related to COVID-19 declarations. Business must be a for-profit entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, cooperative or LLC). Have applied for financial aid, using the standard Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), by May 1. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information and Resources . You may apply for Mass Cultural Council COVID-19 Relief funding if you are: An individual artist working in any artistic discipline. These special CDBG-CV funds were appropriated through the CARES Act of 2020 and are being awarded to Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). All Rights Reserved. Organizational closures and/or suspended operations Tenants must send notice and documentation for each missed rental payment. 22 Dec 2020 . You may also have specialized provisions to cover certain occurrences such as event cancellation. Your contact information will be kept private and will only be used by the Washington State Department of Health to notify you when you become eligible, if you're not already. The deadline to apply for an EIDL loan is currently December 31, 2020. Awards $67.4M in Grants to Small Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus Pandemic The second round of grants, administered by the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation, will be … Similarly, the Cape Cod Resilience Fund will open a new round of applications in mid-September for grants up to $2,000 for eligible businesses. Office of Student Financial Assistance. New York (CBSNewYork) - More COVID vaccination sites are opening up to speed up the vaccination process. You have reported taxable income related to earnings working as an individual artist and/or as an individual teaching artist, humanist, scientist in your most recent tax return. MGCC is proud to be the Program Administrator for the Community Development Block Grant COVID-19 (CDBG-CV) program to 23 municipalities for Microenterprise Assistance. We are also interested in hearing about your general experiences and what you have done to keep your business operational during the shutdown. Be a permanent legal resident of Massachusetts for at least one full year prior to the opening of the academic year. First responders will receive the COVID-19 vaccine as a part of Phase I. The program is administered by Health Resources in Action (HRiA), in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. You can also receive help from the COVID Relief Coalition, a group of Massachusetts non-profits, law firms, and governmental agencies of which the Attorney General’s Office is a part. Some leases have specific provisions apportioning the harm that accompanies a shutdown or reduction in foot traffic, so you may be entitled to a reduction in your rent. Any data collected is anonymised. 2. If you have liquor liability coverage, you should discuss with your city or town whether you need to have that policy in place in order to maintain your liquor license while you are closed. Finally, if you are having trouble making timely payments on your commercial premiums or debts, you should speak to your insurer, lender, or agent about options to postpone payments. Where there is criminal activity or a lease violation that may impact the health and safety of other persons lawfully on the premises. Everything you need to know about COVID-19 in Massachusetts. You can access more information about the coronavirus-related EIDL and Emergency Advance here. currently have a business relationship with an SBA Express Lender to access these funds while awaiting a decision on an EIDL. You may apply for Mass Cultural Council COVID-19 Relief funding if you are: AND you meet all five of the following requirements: April 7: Council votes to approve program Grants … District and school staff's questions can be directed to: MTEL questions can be directed to . Be a U.S. Citizen or non-citizen eligible under Title IV regulations. In all other circumstances––including the non-payment of rent––landlords will be unable to evict their small business tenants. Find out about Business Support Grants and how we can support you during the current covid-19 lockdown The town of Clinton has developed both the Micro-Enterprise Stabilization Assistance Fund, which offers grants up to $15,000, and the Small Business Resiliency Loan Program, which offers loans up to $5,000 and considers requests for larger amounts on a case-by-case basis. Part of the Baker-Polito Administration’s comprehensive plan to stabilize and grow the Massachusetts economy, this funding is administered by Mass Cultural Council in partnership with the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development. Questions related to educator licensure in Massachusetts, please call the Licensure Call Center: 781-338-6600, Hours: Monday-Friday 9am–1pm & 2pm–5pm. For instance, the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) will be administering funds from the Community Development Block Grant COVID-19 Program to 23 municipalities to provide microenterprise assistance up to $10,000. Loan and debt relief programs to consider include: Economic Injury Disaster Loan: An Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) can provide up to $2 million to small businesses impacted by the coronavirus shutdown. SINGAPORE — For Singaporeans and permanent residents seeking the one-off S$500 financial aid through the Temporary Relief Fund, online applications will be opened next week. Medical and nursing students (unless routinely working with COVID-19 positive or suspected patients, in which case should be considered COVID-facing); Inpatient and outpatient physical therapists (unless routinely working with COVID-19 positive or suspect patients, in … Grants will be awarded by geographic region proportional to that region’s application demand. b. Open to applicants until October 14, the $650,000 grant program is available to faith-based organizations and community groups serving Black, Latinx and other people of color in cities and towns hardest hit by COVID-19. We are also interested in hearing about your general experiences and what you have done to keep your business operational during the shutdown. Share: Explore a list of grant and funding opportunities that might be a good fit for your nonprofit or business as you navigate new challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. If your business currently has a business relationship with an SBA Express Lender, you may be able to access $25,000 quickly. Level 4 eligibility information amended to expand on close contact services . Landlords and small business tenants are encouraged to work together on flexible payment plans for missed rental payments and to maintain the tenancy where both parties are willing to do so. After being extended by Governor Baker on July 21, 2020, the eviction moratorium is now set to expire at. The ERF Sector Specific Support (operating cost) package is targeted at Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure (HTL) businesses and associated supply chain businesses that will be materially impacted by a greater than 60% impact of turnover as a result of the restrictions introduced on 4 December 2020 until the 22 January 2021. Access Policy| However, the moratorium does not relieve a small business tenant from the obligation to pay rent or restrict a landlord’s ability to evict a small business tenant for failing to pay past due rent after the moratorium ends. Eligibility. The Cash Grant Program is a complementary program to the Need-Based Tuition Waiver Program. Accessibility links. Check out recent episodes of Creative Minds Out Loud, Mass Cultural Council's podcast, featuring: Mass Cultural Council Many of these are federal programs, and others are offered by private non-profits, corporations or other entities. If you have questions about the PPP, Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) has compiled a list of organizations and contact information for individuals at those organizations helping businesses through the process of PPP called the COVID-19 Small Business Stabilization Network. To avoid late fees and negative credit reporting, small business tenants must provide their landlords with notice and documentation of a COVID-19 financial hardship within 30 days of each rental payment’s due date. If you have already reached the de minimis threshold and the €800,000 limit under the COVID-19 Temporary Framework, you may be able to receive further grant funding. COVID 19 Energy Efficiency Capital Grant Eligibility Check Share Share on facebook Share with Share with Twitter Share via e-Mail COVID-19 Energy Efficiency Capital Grant Eligibility Check COVID-19 Energy Efficiency Capital Grant Check your eligibility. If you have encountered difficulties with landlords, mortgagees, creditors, debt collectors, suppliers, insurers, or other businesses you deal with, we want to know about it. SINGAPORE — The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) on Tuesday (22 September) provided more details on the additions made to the eligibility criteria for the COVID-19 Support Grant, which has been extended till 31 December. The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments has published a decree granting priests permission to celebrate up to four Masses on Christmas Day, in order to facilitate participation of the faithful at the Sacred Liturgy. The individual grantees in each region will be randomly selected. You cannot claim the grant if you trade through a limited company or a trust. Principal and interest payments on the EIDL can be deferred for the first year. Even if current funding for a program has been exhausted, additional monies may become available. Even if there is no rent abatement provision in your lease, you may be entitled to assert a Frustration of Purpose defense against your landlord if the public health restrictions have prevented you from opening or otherwise operating your business. This form only gathers feedback about the website. Before you apply, make sure you have your business rates account number. Visit the Commonwealth Folk Arts & Heritage Digital Archive. Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) will be administering funds from the Community Development Block Grant COVID-19 (CDBG-CV) program to 23 municipalities for microenterprise assistance. Parents and guardians questions can be directed to . Applications in Crafts, Dramatic Writing, Film & Video, Music Composition, Photography, and Sculpture/Installation/New Genres can be submitted by February 8, 2021. The credit is not available on salaries paid to business owners or their relatives and cannot be used by businesses that obtain PPP loans (if you use the credit and later get a PPP loan, you will need to pay back the credit). Complete a form at this link to receive this service. Two mass COVID-19 vaccination sites have opened in New York City as the state prepares to widen vaccine eligibility to people over 75 and frontline workers, including teachers and police officers, on Monday. Questions from individual artists should be directed to Mass. The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act protects you from unfair or deceptive business practices. 3. Payroll costs were capped at $100,000 per employee. To be eligible for PA, an item of work must be the legal responsibility of an eligible applicant.5 Measures to protect life, public health, and safety are generally the responsibility of SLTT governments. Covid-19: Pope grants priests permission to say four Masses on Christmas Day. 23 Dec 2020 . Your feedback will not receive a response. We will use this information to improve the site. Courts will not accept filings, enter judgments, issue executions for possession of the premises, deny a tenant’s request for a stay of execution or continuance of a summary process, or schedule court events. Grants will be unrestricted. Check Your COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility. Boston, MA 02116-3803, Tel: 617-858-2700 This federal funding is designed to prioritize students with the greatest need. During the moratorium, landlords may terminate the tenancies of their small business tenants or send notices requesting that small business tenants vacate the premises.® is a registered service mark of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Be in compliance with Selective Service Registration. 9 Dec 2020 This spreadsheet is located at the bottom of the page under “Downloads” as an Excel file. MGCC also has information about the PPP in numerous languages on its website. The City of Boston has created a $6 million Reopen Boston Fund to help small businesses with the costs of implementing public health guidance requirements; the Fund provides grants up to $2,000 and reviews applications on a rolling basis according to the state’s phased reopening plan. To make an application, you will need to provide: Your business information. People cross a street during morning peak hour commute amid the coronavirus disease outbreak in Singapore on 3 June, 2020. CLAY JACKSON, HERALD & REVIEW gallery Drive Through COVID-19 18 123020.JPG Institutions should refer to the most recent guidelines for information. If you don't have a business rates account but think you're eligible for a grant, you need your national insurance number. Applicants will be required to demonstrate a revenue reduction of at least 30% in April and/or May 2020 as a result of COVID-19 public health orders. 1 comment. Grants to support Massachusetts nonprofit cultural organizations negatively impacted by the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. If you have already reached the de minimis threshold and the €800,000 limit under the COVID-19 Temporary Framework, you may be able to receive further grant funding. Privacy Policy| The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education approved a recommendation to extend the priority deadline for state financial aid (MASSGrant) from May 1st to July 1st. $10M in COVID Relief Granted to Cultural Nonprofits. A small business tenant may provide notice of financial hardship to their landlord using EOHED’s, “Form of Notice – Covid-19 Hardship – Small Business Tenant”, A small business tenant may provide documentation of financial hardship to a landlord using EOHED’s “Documentation of Financial Hardship – Small Business Tenant”. This grant cannot be used for any construction-related work for your business (e.g. Eligibility and how to apply for a share of the fund to support businesses affected by COVID-19 restrictions - CLOSED. Skip to content; Accessibility help; uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. The safety measures required by the coronavirus pandemic have had a huge impact on small businesses in Massachusetts. The interest rate on already distributed loans is 1%. If your business has a property with a rateable value of £15,000 or less, you may be eligible for a cash grant of £1,334 for each 28-day qualifying restrictions period. The Baker-Polito Administration announced today a new grant program to help prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in communities of color. First responders are expected to begin receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as early as January 11, 2020 as part of Phase I. ; Please check all eligibility requirements below and sign up for your appointment in advance using the link or phone number provided in the site location's details. The Coalition will also provide you with free pro bono legal advice from an attorney and should respond to your request for help within 24 hours. Mass Cultural Council believes in the power of culture, and we recognize that the work done by creative and innovative individuals is key to our vital communities. The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act protects you from unfair or deceptive business practices. The rate of new covid cases for York at January 1 was 490.9 cases per 100,000 - making the city's rate the highest in the entire Yorkshire and Humber region. Crowdfunding: You may also want to consider using a crowdfunding site to obtain additional money for your business. Resources & hotlines Create a profile and sign-up for COVID-19 alerts by text, email, or phone call in your preferred language. LIST: COVID-19 Grants For Nonprofits + Small Businesses Fundraising. From Artist News to Creative Youth, Community Initiative, and Power of Culture, our email lists are a great way to keep up with the work of Mass Cultural Council and its partners across the Commonwealth. Because these loan programs are not designed to meet the current emergency, some of their prerequisites and eligibility requirements can be more onerous than the EIDL and Emergency Advance, PPP, and Express Bridge Loan programs. Eligible applicants include: • Alabama-Based Businesses with 50 or fewer employees • Alabama-Based Non-Profits • Alabama-Based Faith-Based Organizations To be considered for funding through the Revive Plus COVID-19 Relief Grant Program, entities must submit a new application through the COVID-19 Relief Grant Program website. Eligibility. Mass Cultural Council is funding this program by adjusting spending in several grant programs as well as reallocating resources from events and initiatives. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides emergency funds to universities, including UMass Amherst, to directly support students whose lives and educations have been disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The FY21 plan includes a range of grant programs, services, and initiatives to support the arts, humanities, and sciences in communities across Massachusetts. To date, nonprofits with 500 employees or more have not been eligible for the Small Business Administration Loan Programs. These special CDBG-CV funds were appropriated through the CARES Act of 2020 and are being awarded to Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) by the Department of … Employee Retention Tax Credit: The IRS will give a tax credit to eligible businesses that continue to employ their workers. The CARES Act, in part, provides for an additional $5 for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, including over $4.75 million in funds for communities within the district. To qualify as a small business tenant, the tenant may engage in either for-profit or not-for-profit work but may not: 1) operate in multiple states, 2) operate in multiple countries, 3) be publicly traded, or 4) have 150 or more employees. If you're eligible for more than one grant you only need to complete one application. Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC) will be administering funds from the Community Development Block Grant COVID-19 (CDBG-CV) program to 23 municipalities for microenterprise assistance. Many commercial business policies have so-called Business Interruption or Business Income insurance coverage. To be eligible for a Massachusetts Cash Grant, a student must: 1. Local and State Based Private Grant and Loan Programs: Various organizations are creating programs to help small businesses and others. Please, in the scale of 1, Strongly Disagree, to 5, Strongly Agree, Professional Training & Career Development, Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (MGCC), COVID-19 Small Business Stabilization Network, Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (, Community Development Block Grant COVID-19 Program, COVID-19 Emergency Small Business Grant Program, Micro-Enterprise Stabilization Assistance Fund, provide us with your information on the Small Business Experience form.