U.S. States Semiminiature, Frosty Bubbles (10403) 03/10/2011 (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Double coral-pink pansy. I ordered 5 varieties - three thrived but two died very quickly. LooXo 'Filantherless' Products (Total Items: 295 ) ... 17 Next Page View All. Dark green, quilted. There are thousands of varieties. We show you how to sow the seeds and grow the seedlings to beautiful plants. African Violets Violet Leaves Mini Violets Mini Poinsettias Fertilizer Plant Lights Ceramic Pots Self-Water pots Care Guide Shipping Info Payment Options Gift Certificates Useful Links Contact Us . Vintage, Color: Shipping and handling is $8.00 for 4 to 12 packages of leaves, or $12.00 for more than 12 packages. Shop great deals on African Violet Houseplants. One of the most widely grown of all indoor plants, and readily available to buy online are the African Violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) and yes they were discovered in Africa, but have been highly hybridized for many years. African Violet Special Sale - 30 leaves (3 each of 10 different varieties), my choice. Semiminiature, Jolly Coral (9904) 03/07/2008 (H. Pittman) Single-semidouble coral pansy. We are pleased to present to you our newest introductions for 2020. $30.00 Sign up for Fresh Violet Alerts when we ship to your zip code. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for African Violet Houseplants. African Violet African Violet Information. African Violets leaves can be divided into different leaf types, depending upon the feature of the leaf margin. NEW! 99. Leaves are $2.50 for a package of two. When you are done shopping, please be sure to add shipping and handling charges to the cart according to the number of leaves ordered. All Colors 50pcs Violet Seeds African Violet Plants Seeds Indoor Balcony Flowers Plant for Home Garden Easy to Plant Flower Plant Flower Plants Seeds 3.3 out of 5 stars 100 $7.99 $ 7. The most important thing is to use a good seed germination. When grown for exhibition, they can exceed 18-24″ across. For more on information African Violets, check out our African Violet … I contacted the seller and they quickly replaced the dead plants and these are now thriving. African violet leaves are packed 2 leaves per variety ordered. At Nadeau African Violets, we show you how to sow the seeds and grow them into beautiful flowers. Fancy Bloomers : - Standards Miniatures / Semi-Miniatures Chimeras Leaves Fancy Bloomers' Own Hybrids Pots and Supplies Trailers Russian Gift Certificates Vintage New Arrivals Assorted Leaf Packs violets, flowers, plants, shop $4.50 On sale $3.50 Semiminiature (DAVS 1726, TX Hyb), Jolly Magic (9910) 03/07/2008 (H. Pittman) Semidouble dark purple pansy. Crown variegated medium green and cream. $4.00 On sale $3.50 Out of Stock African Violet Cool Mint 2 Leaves (1) Sale. The most important thing is to use a good seed germination. African violets are not the only one color anymore as there are multiple selections on sale for the perfect violet plant in your indoor garden. In addition, we also carry an interesting line of Streps and other house plants. Welcome to the official web site of the African Violet Society of Canada, a group devoted to the growing and showing of the world’s most popular house plant. In fact, the response we’ve had has been so good that we have decided to branch out (no pun intended, honest) to selling leaves for some of our popular plants such as ‘Magentica’ shown on the left and ‘Candy Mania’ shown below. TAVS has regular monthly meetings and African Violet show. African Violet growers. Over twenty wild species have been found, all of them have blossoms in the blue-violet range with varying characteristics.

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