A long-day, sweet Spanish type that stores quite well. This English heirloom is a blue ribbon winner! The best onions are grown from transplants set out in October or November and wintered over to mature in June and July. Seed Variety – Ailsa Craig Onion Best as – Transplant Description. Large straw-colored onions with small necks average 2 pounds. Onion Seeds - Ailsa Craig | Suttons. Use fresh or for short-term storage. This yellow skinned Spanish onion can reach 2.27 kg (5 lbs) in weight and 20 cm (8″) in diameter – which is very handy when it comes to the largest onion category at your local Fall Exhibition. A classic mild onion with excellent size potential. Ailsa Craig Exhibition Onion $ 6.00 – $ 16.00. Seed Savers Exchange 3094 North Winn Road Decorah, Iowa 52101. They have a sweet, mild taste, and being large and over 1000 Varieties in stock. Add to Cart Great all-rounder. Out of stock. 2.8 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. 6 hours daily (Cold, Cool, Warm). Onion Ailsa Craig. This popular English heirloom onion is renowned for producing exhibition-size 2 lb. Onion Ailsa Craig. Fill with a mixture of potting soil and compost, and water thoroughly. As a customer, member, or donor, you help us save America’s heirloom seeds. Onions from seed are generally better quality than set-grown onions. They can grow as big as 4 pounds (1.8 kg.) Jumbo to colossal, round to teardrop-shaped bulbs with light yellow skins. Start Indoors: 4-6 weeks before transplanting. These giant sweet onions are known to grow 1-2 pounds a piece, sometimes up to 5lbs! I like to plant these as the onions I use in my summer canning projects. Order shipments are delayed at least two weeks due to high volume and COVID-19 safety measures onsite. Named after Ailsa, a small round island off the coast of Scotland that is solid rock. Storage Potential: 1 month; Days to Harvest: 95; Also known as Kelsae Sweet Giant and Exhibition; Impress your neighbors and try growing a record-sized onion! SKU. 'Ailsa Craig' is the most widely available variety that forms giant bulbs; it’s highly recommended. Long-day onion. It belongs to sweet onion cultivars, what means its flesh is devoid of the characteristic, pungent onion taste. Sun: min. Storage qualities are superb. One of the most reliable show and allotment varieties delivering large globe shaped onions with an attractive gold straw colouring and excellent mild flavour. This is my backup onion when I can't get my other seeds. It's a good all-around onion. Variety. The skin is a pale yellow and the flesh is relatively mild and sweet, so is recommended for fresh use—not a storage type. Bulbs grow to 2 pounds. Keep the soil moist. Huge bulbs are mild, sweet and firm with light golden skins. Cultivation Advice Onion Ailsa Craig The key is to plant Ailsa Craig early and never let it slow down. Introduced in 1887 by David Murray, gardener for the Marquis of Ailsa, at Culzean Castle in Maybole, South Ayrshire, Scotland. These seeds top our list for a reason: excellent performance, incredible taste and beauty, and beloved for generations. Best for fresh use, not extended storage. Last Frost Date (LFD) refers to the approximate date of the last killing frost of spring. https://www.restorationseeds.com/products/ailsa-craig-onion Take a look at Maggies Smart Garden, its vegetable garden Layout, Plants in her Garden, Weekly To Dos and her Garden Journal. Yellow/brown skin. Onions can be grown easily in containers. Like other onions, it requires loose soil. Ailsa Craig is a superb variety to grow from seed. For the largest bulbs, Onion 'Ailsa Craig' can also be sown in modules in autumn for transplanting outdoors in spring. They also have thin skins and so don't store very well. They have straw yellow skin and are very white inside. Large straw-colored onions with small necks average 2 pounds. Quantity. Onions are quite drought tolerant, but a lack of water makes the bulb smaller and more pungent. 100 days from transplant. Make sure that your onions have access to plenty of sunshine. Ailsa Craig onion seeds produce large, globe-shaped onion with golden, straw-coloured skin and produces weighty onions perfect for the show bench. Onion Ailsa Craig. Moderate phosphorous. Sowing instructions Sow in autumn or from February to April in rows 30 cm apart. Correct timing is important with bulb onions, if you don't plant them at the right time they won't do very well. The skin is a pale yellow and the flesh is relatively mild and sweet, so is recommended for fresh use—not a storage type. Not for storage. ±7,500 seeds/oz. Recommended for fresh eating as these don't have the longest shelf life. 2683. Long day type - Very well-known globe-shaped heirloom onion that reaches really huge size - 5 lbs is rather common! This huge, 2 pound, 6–8 inch, straw yellow globe onion is amazingly sweet and firm for its size. Days to Maturity: 105 days. The skin is a pale yellow and the flesh is relatively mild and sweet, so is recommended for fresh use. (10.8 by 15.2 cm.) £1 25 £1.25. Can be sown in spring and Autumn. The flesh is relatively mild and sweet making it ideal as […] Perfect for … Ailsa Craig onion have been going strong since 1887! David's Garden Seeds Onion Long-Day Ailsa Craig Exhibition 4855 (White) 200 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds by David's Garden Seeds. 110-140 days. The sweet onions are low in sulfur and high in water, which gives them such a mild flavor they can be eaten raw. Large Spanish onion with delicious sweet flavor perfect for burgers and salads. Onion seed takes a month to germinate at 40 degrees, but only 2 weeks at 50 degrees, so you don't necessarily lose much time by waiting until the soil has warmed up a little. These onions are sown in spring and form bulbs when days are 14–16 hours long. Onions don't need a lot of nitrogen, but they do like potassium and phosphorus. 50-75 Ailsa Craig onion plants per bunch; Yellow, Globe Shape, Sweet, Open Pollinated Heirloom; Size Potential: 8" (up to 6 pounds!) Low nitrogen. This variety is named after Ailsa, a small round island off the coast of Scotland that is nearly solid rock. They aren't good keepers, but are well worth growing for fresh use. We conserve and promote America's culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. First Frost Date (FFD) refers to the approximate date of the first killing frost of winter. An onion plant with lots of leaves will have lots of rings—and a bigger bulb. Can also be sown outdoors in March and April. ONION; Ailsa Craig. Globe-shaped, solid bulbs. For best flavor and largest bulbs you must keep the soil moist at all times, so there is no interruption in growth. Orders will ship in the order received; you will receive an email upon order shipment. 105 days. OUT OF STOCK. Subscribe for special offers, recipes, and gardening tips. It's an online vegetablegarden planner for anyone who wants homegrown, healthy and tasty food to be part of their lifestyle...while having a busy life. Ailsa Craig (/ ˈ eɪ l s ə /; Scots: Ailsae Craig; Scottish Gaelic: Creag Ealasaid) is an island of 99 hectares (240 acres) in the outer Firth of Clyde, 16 kilometres (10 miles) west of mainland Scotland, upon which "blue hone" microgranite has long been quarried to make curling stones. Onion : Ailsa Craig. Spread: 10cm (4"). Companion planting: Try growing onions with mint to confuse and deter onion fly. Suitable for spring or autumn sowing. Copyright © 2019 Green Living Solution, Inc. Smart Gardener® is a registered trademark of Green Living Solution, Inc. All rights reserved. Seed Savers Exchange is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of heirloom seeds. Ailsa Craig Exhibition is a large onion that has a unique mildly sweet flavor! Onions require full sun and fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-7.0. Onions are very hardy and can be frost tolerant. Plant transplants right away, if possible. Ailsa Craig Onions are a variety of a Spanish onion. Ailsa Craig Onion; Allium cepa. This heritage exhibition variety was named after a small island off the coast of Scotland. View our live and pre-recorded virtual events. Onion "Ailsa Craig" (Allium cepa) is a popular variety, characterised by its strong growth and bulbs that reach truly gargantuan size and weight that often exceeds 1 kg. Like most sweet onions, this one is best for fresh use or short term storage. Make sure they have good drainage and the pot is at least 12" deep. Please note, our Visitors Center is closed until further notice. Price for 60 seeds Add to Compare View Compare Add to WishList. © Seed Savers Exchange. Relatively mild and sweet, recommended for fresh use. £2.20; Pack size Pack size: 200 seeds 10g 25g 50g 100g 250g -+ Add to cart. sweet white onion that has a delicious flavor in many dishes. Large bulbs often used for exhibition. Please select options before adding to cart. Or … This versatile heirloom variety can be spring or autumn sown. We grow long-day onions in North Dakota. Transplant outdoors as soon as soil can be worked in spring. Onion Ailsa Craig Huge round mild tasting bulb, straw yellow coloured sometimes near 1kg, sweet spanish type, long keeper, perfect for exhibition. This crisp flavored heirloom onion is a garden favorite. Charles Isaacs Photographs, Inc., New YorkCharles Jones1866 - 1959'Onion Ailsa Craig'printing-out-paper print, initialedand titledin pencil on the reverse,circa1900 image: 4 ¼by 6 in. They are medium sized, and full of rich onion flavor. They average 1 to 2 pounds in weight (450 to 900g), and 6 to 8 inches across (15 to 20 cm.) It has outstanding flavour and quality and is a super choice for general growing producing large onions. Best for fresh use, not extended storage. Onion Ailsa Craig was marketed back in 1885 by John Sutton & Son, founders of Suttons and is a large mild flavoured variety. Named after Ailsa, a … globe-shaped onions even in areas with shorter, cooler growing seasons. We apologize for any inconvenience. Learn how to plant and grow onions, leeks, and shallots. Long day type - Very well-known globe-shaped heirloom onion that reaches really huge size - 5 lbs is rather common! Join us today to ensure heirloom seeds are kept in our gardens and on our tables, for generations to come. A giant competition onion but also with a mild tasty flavour. It makes it so much easier and I haven't noticed a difference in results at the end of the season. Sandy loam soils are ideal; raised beds or raised rows are recommended for heavier soils to promote soil drainage. Example first frost date on November 01. I don't like fresh onions but do love them carmelized for burgers or added to other dishes. A sweet Spanish type, Ailsa Craig is reported to be a longer storing onion than other sweet Spanish types. See our seed starting tips to prepare for your gardening season. Ailsa Craig Onion Seeds 1840 Heirloom Vegetable. Keep onions well weeded with shallow cultivation. Example first frost date on April 08. Unlike a lot of sweet onions, they caramelize with a … Up to 5 lbs bulbs! Approximate seeds per pack: 75 Days till maturity: 110 Biennial Full Sun Originating in Scotland, Ailsa Craig Onions are a long day onion known for their stunning flavor and size. With a mild flavour. Transplants are happy if you apply a light mulch to help conserve moisture for uniform growth. Moderate potassium. 110 days | Ailsa Craig reliably produces large, sweet onions with excellent potential for huge onions. To ensure colour, shape and finish sow in January under glass at 18-21°C (65-70°F). Allium cepa. Buy Seeds online. Ailsa Craig Onion. Tax included. When large enough to handle transplant the seedlings into 3" pots - take care not to cover the small bulbs. So next time I hear the name Ailsa Craig called out I won’t know whether to expect an onion, tomato, island or a motor yacht. AILSA CRAIG GIANT ONION. Originally developed in 1887 by David Murray, gardener to the Marquis de Ailsa, Ailsa Craig is a wonderful onion. Instructions - Sow seeds indoors in flats ¼" deep and space 1" in all directions. Your onion seeds should take between 7 and 14 days to germinate and will reach full maturity within 95-105 days. A type of Spanish onion, Ailsa Craig (Allium cepa “Ailsa Craig”) crossed the Atlantic from England to reach the U.S. A globe-shaped onion with a rich straw coloured skin. Introduced in 1887 by David Murray, gardener for the Marquis of Ailsa. Onion - Ailsa Craig Prizewinner Vegetable seeds Herb Seeds buy quality seeds online from Seed Megastore. Images on this site are protected by copyright—unauthorized use is not permitted. The Ailsa Craig onion is a mammoth yellow variety from the late 19th century that has been a perennial heavyweight in giant vegetable competitions. I generally plant my seeds a few weeks earlier than recommended because I like larger plants to plant outside. Ailsa Craig onions are globe-shaped and solid. Ailsa Craig Details Sun Partial Average Germination Time 7 - 14 Days Sowing Method Start in Pots / Trays Days to Maturity 180 Days Grow in Greenhouse Optional for Early Crop Packet Seed Count 300 Recommended Soil pH 6.0-7.0 Available pelleted and … Ailsa Craig is globe-shaped and solid. Plant your Ailsa Craig Onion seeds about 1/4-inch deep with approximately 20 seeds per foot with 18-30” between rows. Unit price / per . This plant produces on the average a huge 5 lb. The huge bulbs have straw-colored yellow skin and sweet, firm white flesh. On the contrary, it … Price: $6.96 FREE Shipping Get … Impress your neighbors and try growing this World Record sized onion. Not recommended for long storage. Adaptation: 38–60° latitude. Long-day type. Height: 45cm (18"). Ailsa Craig is a large, globe-shaped onion with golden, straw coloured skin and produces weighty onions perfect for the show bench.

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