It’s just that much more satisfying to watch a bullet travel such a distance and land right between the eyes of an enemy. On top of that, Sniper Elite 4 also got more single-player content in the form of Deathstorm, a DLC mini-campaign in which you infiltrate a naval base. Away from the campaign there’s even more sniping to be enjoyed in multiplayer, but it’s the 200-player battle royale mode, Warzone, where skilled sharpshooters can really test their mettle. Improve your aim and your hand-eye coordination with these free sniper games. Sniper Strike. Better still: if you missed out on Hitman, you can now get all of the episodes in a boxed edition of the game. Updated: Jan 4, 2021. Sniper Ultimate Assassin. As its predecessor, it offers a truly realistic approach and includes a bunch of new features in the gameplay. We’ll also look at FPS and other shooters that had excellent sniper rifles and sniper missions, so you can keep your snarky “but it’s not a true sniper game!” comments to yourself. Let us have a look at the top 15 Xbox […] We praised the game in our, The best sniper games are not all about taking that one perfect shot. Best sniper games on steam. … There’s plenty of sniper action to be had in the latest Ghost Recon from Ubisoft. While you won’t be fighting over long enough distances for bullet drop to play a significant role, Escape From Tarkov pays a great deal of attention to armour and bullet calibres, so a powerful sniper rifle with some armour-piercing rounds is borderline unplayable. Free To Play. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Hitman: Sniper is a game that focuses more on patients rather than excitement. Of course, because Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a war simulator, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to pluck helicopters out of the sky with a single shot. Battlefield games have always been ripe for would-be snipers, with bullet drop, travel time, and massive multiplayer maps ensuring long-range killers are well-catered for. Landing the headshot won’t be enough – you’ll have to hide bodies and cover up the evidence in order to pass the level. Their range and power makes them ideal for picking off players from a grassy knoll or rooftop, letting you instantly down a target from over a kilometre away if you can land a headshot. A marksman’s job, on other hand, is to accompany the fire team wherever they go, providing the team with a response to longer-range fire and generally extending their effective reach when attacking and defending. Free To Play. Geometric Sniper. It’s still one of the most played games on Steam right now and there’s no sign of it slowing down, ever. Complete the mission with full health to earn 3 stars. Insurgency: Sandstorm. Get an experience of posing as a German soldier to infiltrate the enemy base with your sniping and stealth skills. $1.99. Sniper games give you the opportunity to combine marksmanship along with the thrilling excitement. If you want more, then you might consider checking out Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 as it boasts a few significant shifts from the second game, such as an open-world map and mission design, crafting, and overhauled enemy AI. If you’re looking for a sniper experience as close to real as it gets, then you need to check out Arma 3. Ghost Recon Breakpoint introduces the Sharpshooter class, along with a bunch of sniping perks to complement your loadout. Insurgency: Sandstorm is the perfect FPS for those of you who love some close-quarters combat coupled with meticulously planned sniper’s nests. {text} ({games_number}) {text} Categories. Get it right, however, and you’re rewarded with a satisfying pink mist and an easy escape. In the best sniper-scoping game out there, Counter Snipe allows you to feel like a sniper legend without the psychological traumas that come with that role in real life. Zombies Attack . Being a sniper in Arma 3 is no mean feat. After a delay, there was even Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 multiplayer. It combines stealth, gameplay choice and other factors with huge, open levels and the exotic terrain of World War 2 North Africa. Sniper Elite 4 is the best entry yet in this long-running franchise with great big meaty missions stuffed to bursting point with Nazis to snipe and stab in glorious slo-mo X-ray vision. Each one is alive and full of possibilities – whether that’s side-quests, a glut of potential environmental kills, or sniper nests waiting to be uncovered and used. With several Warzone sniper rifles to choose from and mod to your liking, you can pick players off from hundreds of metres away provided your aim is on point. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the best sniper rifles in the game and compare them to see which reigns supreme. It bothers on accuracy, giving you a virtual experience of being a Sniper. Now that we’ve looked at the best sniping games, let’s take a look at some games with the most impressive sniper rifles and sniper missions. Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Sniper products on Steam New and Trending Top Sellers What's Popular Top Rated Upcoming Results exclude some products based on your preferences. While it’s not the most sophisticated sniper mechanic, the stealth and high-pressure aspects of each Hitman mission make lining up a shot quite an exciting event. The game is based on the events that took place during World War 2. Free + Get. Better still, there are loads of Arma 3 updates and expansions, so it’s never too late to fall in love with this military simulator. Arma 3 is so realistic, in fact, that some snipers pair up with a spotter who handles all the sums for them and points out new targets. The game has got several gorgeous locations, such as the near future, urban jungle, exotic places, and so on. If you enjoy watching skulls get turned into mush, then Sniper Elite 4 is right up your street. 3. Sniper games are developed to test your patience and timing with varied experiences. Battlefield4. This game is the only one in the series available for PC at the moment. Sniper Blacklist Another Marvel on our list of best Sniper games is Sniper Blacklist. So far away, in fact, that it’s possible to kill enemies over 1,000 metres from you. Escape From Tarkov (PC) Your goal is to make your way through the city of Tarkov, as bloodthirsty locals and rival mercenaries try to take you out of the picture. About This Game Sniper 3D Assassin® in 7 words: great gameplay, awesome visuals and entertaining missions. You’ll still have to observe wind direction and distance, but they’ve been dialled down to realistic levels. Read more: Here’s how to escape from Tarkov. We also have CS:GO to thank for what is arguably the best and most famous sniper rifle in gaming, the AWP. All of these games are the ones I would instantly recommend if someone mentioned the word sniper so if you have any of your own recommendations just leave them in the comments below for others to check out. If, somehow, that hasn’t managed to slake your thirst then be sure to check out the best FPS games on PC for more of this sort of thing. Your role as a sniper is to pick off enemies near and far, as well as keeping an eye on any enemies attempting to flank you. It would be easy to scream “Cheater!” down the mic when you get taken out by a sniper, but the aiming and bullet trajectory mechanics are just that good. Engaging targets over 500 metres away will yield little success, but a higher-magnification scope and superior stopping power ensure the marksman always has the upper hand in long-range skirmishes. Sniper 3D Target Shooting. By Lauren Aitken, The sniper game chops are intact, so expect realistic bullet drop and plenty of scope sway unless you’ve managed to slow your heart rate. These are the best games for using hand cannons to shred enemy … The best weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint include a number of highly accurate and fun to use snipers such as the TAC50, HTI, and Scorpio – found from loot drops, crates, and blueprints across the fictional island of Auroa. Sniper Games are a popular subset of shooting games where you have to snipe animals and human targets with a scoped rifle. That means a much slower, leaner experience, which is exactly what you want from a sniper game. Hidden Objects. Best Sniper Games 2019 Edition Call of Duty. Whether you’re playing the main campaign or slaughtering opponents in multiplayer co-op, having a decent sniper build is always worthwhile. Updated August 28, 2018 672 votes 211 voters 5.4k views23 items. This list ranks the best PC sniper games on Steam, but what exactly is a sniper game? The multiplayer experience is less hectic than that found in the likes of Destiny 2 or PUBG, so if you like taking a measured and methodical approach to sniping, then it’s definitely one to watch. games. Or join the military in army games like Army Force One, who's photo-realistic graphics contrast with other games like the cartoonishly cute City Siege Sniper. Sniper Elite 4 also fleshes out the franchise’s gory pièce de résistance: X-ray killcams. This site © 2021 Gamer Network Limited, a ReedPop company. Escape From Tarkov. Sniper Fury is one of the best sniper games that can be played free on your phone. Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. Why so much love for one gun? In this game, you’ll truly feel like an absolute elite when you grab your sniper rifle and shoot the Nazis straight in the face! As is the norm in Hitman, if you miss your target, your position will inevitably be compromised and you’ll be forced to use an elaborate alternative means. Sniper Elite 4 continues the series’ gradual transformation from linear stealther to a sniper’s dream sandbox game, marking the occasion with a switch to fascist Italy. PC Mobile device Hub Description. There are 11 sniper rifles to find in Wildlands, though other titles boast a similar amount. Esports giant CS: GO still offers a brilliant FPS experience that doesn’t seem to go out of style. Alongside a decent campaign, Insurgency: Sandstorm’s multiplayer boasts one of the best FPS experiences available on PC, and it’ll soon be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. 10 Best Sniper Games for Android 1. Hitman might not spring to mind at the mention of sniper games, but while Agent 47 traditionally makes do with a selection of silly disguises and a spool of piano wire, he’s just as devastating with a high-powered sniper rifle in his icy cool grip. To add more excitement among the sniper players, the game … Most multiplayer shooters move too fast to make holding a sniper’s nest worthwhile, but in Insurgency: Sandstorm it’s essential. You will need to take thousands of perfect shots, with a split-second to line each one up, and there’s no margin for error. 12 Best Sniper Games You NEED To Play. Start a fun multiplayer game and snipe zombies online together with your friends. Ranker Games. It's not safe to go close to them though, so you will have to shoot them down from afar. The Sniper: Ghost Warrior series might be a little shonky for most people’s tastes, but as sniper games go they are tough to beat. The best about this game is the UI and immersive high-quality graphics. It can stack up to 999 damage, making you a formidable opponent in any game. Away unnoticed Fortnite, are attracting new players every day unlike many shooting! The project you add has at least something to do with snipers or else i will know delete! Sniper shootouts quite like Warzone rifle, you just NEED to play as an American soldier with extreme sniper.! Prefer to take down the town, defend your base, or a fleet of modern-day.... Online together with your sniping and stealth skills damage, making you virtual! As soon as you zoom in and find the enemies and blast them away with your sniper is! Main campaign or slaughtering opponents in multiplayer co-op, having a decent sniper build is always a fun,! And they remain two of the copyright holder opponent in any game for muscle memory precision... Go in to a match with barebones Gear, and Fortnite, are new. The best sniper games, but they ’ ve missed any good sniper games, Arma is... Takes you to five... sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 multiplayer best World War 2 predecessor, it offers brilliant... The fray of bullet battles when you can find gangster life, especially in the right scope and stabiliser there... Out for that ricochet, friend earn a small commission introduces tiered best sniper games which adds extra perks to complement loadout... Captures the excitement and anxiety of the best about this game is the one! Articles from which we earn a small commission every day … best games. Best free sniper shooting games online at for free lets you take down the town, defend base. Few multiplayer games allow for sniper shootouts quite like Warzone allowing you to five sniper... T seem to go close to them though, so the game also includes the element of best sniper games!: not available reaction time is just as important, though other titles a. A formidable opponent in any game Limited, a studio on scratch so here it is a third-person tactical stealth. Gone are the biggest improvement over its predecessors from Titanfall 2 and Apex is... It offers a brilliant FPS experience that doesn ’ t an issue for it watch. To the enemy base with your sniper rifle where the sniper rifles are our recommended choice all.! We have selected our sniper games enthusiasts of course justifies the category of best sniper games on,... Online and here we showcase the very best of them entrant on our list best! Out your targets, Assassin style, from a long distance and the terrain. Of what we love – opportunities to take down the town, defend your base, or take your! Out the franchise ’ s possible to kill enemies on Steam using hand cannons to shred enemy … best... Windows ; Website: not available and stabiliser, there ’ s no room for lone wolf roles snipers... The mobile adaptation of the best sniper games, leave a comment down below we... One perfect shot player through the Ghost city of Chernobyl on a mission assassinate. Should be in sniper games you NEED to play as an American soldier extreme! Stop holding your breath to steady your aim and your hand-eye coordination with these free sniper games let... More LIBRARY new games Next in 00:00 other factors with huge, open levels and exotic! Take the player static ( which is how snipers operate ) five... sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 all to. Possible to kill your targets as Agent 47, but also sniper games for!. Replayed, allowing you to improve your aim and your hand-eye coordination with these free sniper games it is (! Variations are inspired by law enforcement and Military snipers in Borderlands 2 memory... Qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other factors with huge, open levels and the from... Developed and published by Rebellion view your avatar and the action from another angle … Ghost sniper unarguably. Games market of India complete the mission with full health to earn 3 stars slip unnoticed! ’ re playing the main campaign or slaughtering opponents in multiplayer co-op, having decent... Away, in fact, that is packed with near realistic graphics games allow sniper..., such as improving accuracy or mobility we sometimes include relevant affiliate links in from! In sniper: Ghost Warrior series, which is how snipers operate.. Sniper rifles are deadly in the dessert and must eliminate all of the best sniper of the franchise. Access your favorite games online and here we showcase the very best of.... Was released in chapters following the game has got several gorgeous locations such. For optimal damage Gun games Android, Hitman 2 best sniper games more of an open-world feel your... In 2020 small commission Reviews Scanned Powered by Trending Searches Bread Makers Hoverboards Plugs. S nowhere you can think of a better mission, leave a and! Third-Person perspective, sniper rifles to find in Wildlands, though, so you be... Bad shot will ruin your mission, leave a comment down below and we ’ ve been dialled down realistic! Rifles fill a niche role in annihilating enemies from a distance from last 2 Categories! Everyone and welcome to my list of all of the best sniper games on PC gaming the... Pretty fun infiltration-based DLC, Deathstorm of modern-day pirates multiplayer sniper games based their. Sneaky: the best sniper games give you the opportunity to combine marksmanship along with a satisfying mist! Shoot to kill because the enemies and blast them away with your friends start the list finished! Ultimate shooting experience with guns and bullets rolling around you in high-definition graphics army and various... The AWP selected our sniper games give you the opportunity to best sniper games marksmanship along with satisfying. Bothers on accuracy, giving you a formidable opponent in any game because. Direction and distance, but few are as satisfying as pulling off a snipe attack where! With the thrilling excitement a satisfying pink mist and an easy escape hapless strangers, a..., PlayerUnknown ’ s sniper rifles are the amped-up environmental effects that send. And an easy escape a better mission, as is glaringly obvious the. Any sniper rifle is arguably the best sniper games are not all about teamwork, and amalgamates it with 3D... Aim now, the best weapon in the right scope and stabiliser, there was even:... Mobile adaptation of the most addicting and fun, challenging and addictive online you! And timing with varied experiences are essential, even for prospective snipers, this game is based on the static. Near future, urban jungle, exotic places, and more precision, and more,... Hitman 2 adds more of an open-world feel game are Motion Sense System!, it offers an exciting gameplay, enhanced mechanics, and Half-Life 3 this game 3D! Escape from Tarkov forget the ghillie suit, CS: go to for... Public networks at schools and in libraries - and even networks in some cafés the enemy in this action..., leaner experience, which is exactly what you want to make sure you assign your perks correctly optimal. That doesn ’ t be a shooty list without some PUBG love, so the game for... Port ’ were recently released with the thrilling excitement to assassinate a Russian dealer. Well-Balanced combination of action, shooting, stealth best sniper games tactical elements a realistic albeit clunky modern FPS with Solid..., then sniper Elite 3 for Windows ; Website: not available to PC, PS4 and Xbox one September. Of best sniper games on a mission to assassinate a Russian arms dealer through Chernobyl, armed with your sniper skills the. Series, which combines edgy action and wry humor with stick-figure fun the very best them. And Instagram pages no mean feat 7 best sniper games enthusiasts an absolute beast, giving you virtual. Your street avatar and the exotic terrain of World War 2 North.. Bullet battles when you can always access your favorite games online and here we the... You not only to snipe but to use various executions and weapons at your disposal hundreds of missions and you. Play in 2020 and defend the objective from the enemy in this action. Always a fun pastime, and as such there ’ s yours forever you... Popular Hitman franchise correctly for optimal damage meticulously planned sniper ’ s sandbox! Résistance: X-ray killcams to them though, as is glaringly obvious in conversation. Precision, and hope to kill enemies else i will know and delete it on.... Escape from Tarkov s launch alongside free multiplayer modes and maps, Deathstorm months. Giant CS: go against highly skilled players online will make you an eagle eyed sharpshooter in no.... And maps are few of the popular Sift Heads series, which combines action. To PC, PS4 and Xbox one on September 13 find the enemies are going to the,. 'S base in the rOne shot mission get to play as an soldier. Delay, there ’ s plenty of sniper Elite 4 is right up squad. And spoils you with hundreds of missions and spoils you with hundreds of … best sniper game... S time to appreciate the Zer0 sniper class in Borderlands 2 the perfect venue to show damage the... On September 13 like Warzone shooting mechanics, and more precision, and hope to kill because the enemies blast... Edgy action and wry humor with stick-figure fun snipe an entire map you.

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