He asked for a contact phone number and gave me an emergency number to call. "You know where the car is?" "You ever think we have a lot to learn about each other?" I will ask Dr. Hale to lend me the letter, so that I can make a copy of it for you. she asked, leaning against the counter. Talon asked the question she feared voicing. he asked and met her gaze. "You think he can do it?" "You didn't ask why?" I asked a few questions and was quickly told to mind my own business. CK 1 2111968 Ask anybody. Direction: Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentences. "What is the matter here?" "Here is our commanding officer... ask him," and he pointed to a stout major who was walking back along the street past the row of carts. asked the man with the star. You must ask him about every small thing? She wanted to ask after Gabriel but didn't. she asked and sat across from him. I have asked Golitsyn and he has refused. She wondered if he felt hurt at his best friend's betrayal but didn't have the nerve to ask. I told him he wouldn't be involved and I'd only ask general questions but he's adamant. I didn't even think to ask if you lost anyone. As Dean drew close to Bird Song, he resolved to ask his wife point blank if she witnessed Donnie Ryland cutting his stepfather's climbing rope in an attempt to send him to his death. I need to ask Lana about the keypad we found, too. Did you see that? She asked if I thought Martha would fly out for the funeral or memorial service. I asked, breaking the reverential silence. To answer a question like those above, you simply replace the question word (eg. "Do I have to stay here all day?" New experiences and events call forth new ideas and stir men to ask questions unthought of before, and seek a definite answer in the depths of human knowledge. 'What do you want?' Consider the following important points carefully. "Deidre, I need to ask you a couple of questions," he said. "What about the vamp I'm bringing into the house?" asked Dorothy, anxiously. But until they choose to remember that, they ask another favor of you, their last. "May I ask you a few questions about your family?" Sarah asked the question with genuine interest. If I were not myself, but the handsomest, cleverest, and best man in the world, and were free, I would this moment ask on my knees for your hand and your love! If a direct question contained in a sentence is long or has internal punctuation, set the question off with a comma and begin it with a capital letter: The question posed to the MLA editors was, How should a question contained in a sentence be punctuated? "I have come, Countess, to ask for your daughter's hand," said Prince Andrew. "What did you think of Howie?" "I guess first off, is he alive?" the man called Darian asked. "Did you have kin from here?" Brenton had asked a question. On the other hand, she hadn't asked Len to look into Yancey's past. she asked, turning to Han. That she took enough interest in him to ask after his injury pleased him. As we approached the end of the flawless narrative, one of us would invariably ask sardonically (but never sarcastically), "What could possibly go wrong?". I HAVE TRIED FROM THE BEGINNING TO TALK NATURALLY TO HELEN AND TO TEACH HER TO TELL ME ONLY THINGS THAT INTEREST HER AND ASK QUESTIONS ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF FINDING OUT WHAT SHE WANTS TO KNOW. she asked, surprised and concerned. You can ask the court for an order of restraint against your husband and stop him from coming anywhere near you if you're in fear of the man. he asked. He looked up at me with his tearful eyes and asked for help. The topic on Sesame Street was professions, which was the perfect opportunity for Lisa to ask her what Giddon did to earn a living. Toni asked, breaking their tense silence. He nodded his head and asked how long he slept. wai, aha, heaetc) with the answer. she asked with a sigh. 19, I asked after a time, startled to discover we were alone. I then asked, "How is it going out there?". I asked her if she perceived any hint of threat. I asked without answering the man's question. "Can I ever go outside again during daylight?" CK 1 2111967 Ask around. He went to see her yesterday, and he asked me to stop by and meet all her friends tonight. he asked as she started to sag. I asked her for a glass of water. Deidre gripped him, craving something she didn't know how to ask him for. "You can ask Dorothy," said the little man, in an injured tone. A number of those in attendance asked if the service was still on for seven o'clock. If you ask me to keep it off the record, I will. She didn't have to ask him to know he didn't dare confront Xander about it. I guess I looked funny, so he asked me outright, if we'd been lovers. I ask that, in the meantime, you refrain from attacking any Immortal traveling the road to the castle. I ask for your attention one last time, as a personal favor to me. In any case, I went to visit you at your apartment recently to ask you something. I never instructed him to ask you anything. It stuck, but she forced herself not to ask why. before I could answer she asked, "Did this all happen because of what I did?". "Are all Guardians like you and Jule?" Betsy asked, probably visualizing Abe Lincoln's birth place, with outside toilet and stream-carried water. "This little thing beat you up?" "How can you ask this of me?" "Father, may I go with you someday?" . "You look for Alex?" No, and I've never really cheated on Quinn, so don't bother to ask. "Anything you wanna talk about?" Once on our stools and served, I asked him his plans if he did in fact recognize the town of his dream. After he influenced her he would ask her to laugh again…and again. I asked, knowing they probably hadn't tried. I remembered the things you asked me to look for. he said. If she had asked about the building when we passed it, I might have figured she had never seen it, but she pretended she didn't notice. "Is Katie all right?" "Are you so bored you have nothing better to do?" Prince Vasili had brought his son with the evident intention of proposing, and today or tomorrow he would probably ask for an answer. He would not ask her to talk about Emily's death. "Who?" asked the woman, in a curious tone. he asked her, holding out the keys. he asked, addressing Dorothy. he asked. Either they forgot to ask or didn't bother. I wouldn't ask, but I need— well, Donnie's father is here. "You guys have always been right on money, haven't you?" The princess ordered me to ask your regiment and your name. ", "How did he find Howie?" he asked with a glint in his eyes that made her cringe. Mrs. Lincoln, the Deans' cat, strolled into the room and rubbed the young girl's leg as if to ask what was the problem. "Your excellency," said Rostov, "may I ask a favor?". If it was natural for Helen to ask such questions, it was my duty to answer them. she asked, crossing her arms. 1954263 Ask Tom. "What're you telling me, that Jonny's hurt?" Weekly Language Usage Tips: respectively & punctuating a question within a sentence. she asked. Asked By Wiki User. Once she asked for daddy, but went back to sleep when Carmen told her he was asleep. he asked again. She hesitated then asked, "Can you call someone to come get me?". His coachman did not even ask whether he was to wait. "What happens if they're not released?" I tell everybody the time when they ask me. She was not concerned about the Emperor or any of those great people whom Peronskaya was pointing out--she had but one thought: Is it possible no one will ask me, that I shall not be among the first to dance? "Can I ask you something?" And then when you said you didn't want to adopt children, I thought I didn't have a right to ask you. Learn Ludwig. "Have you met my brother yet?" he asked in a quaking voice. Indeed, I feel as if I had never seen anything until now, Helen finds so much to ask about along the way. ” she asked in a low voice, and in a tone which suggested that that was the smallest part of the matter. ask definition: 1. to put a question to someone, or to request an answer from someone: 2. to consider something…. She paused, knowing she shouldn't ask what she'd wanted to since finding out what he did. "Ask them," replied Prince Andrew, indicating the officers. Don't bother to ask questions because you won't get many answers. "One might ask why you're distressing my mate," Darkyn said. ask for in a sentence - Use "ask for" in a sentence 1. When the girls ask their mom if they can go to the mall with their friends, they hope their mother will say yes. Am I still grounded? she asked. Maybe when she stops crying every time you look at her, you can ask her. "Do you remember Gladys Gillespie of Sow Creek, Idaho?" asked Dorothy. he asked, perplexed. If Alex needed help, he wouldn't ask her for it. Ask no questions and hear no lies. I asked, and the next minute I recognized the odour of the mimosa blossoms. I'll ask leave to go to the front, this may be my only chance of seeing the Emperor. I asked the teacher for a pencil. "I don't really have a choice about anything going on, do I?" Stress timing can help speakers communicate meaning. Then I asked, "Have you brought the others up to speed on what's been happening? "May I babysit for Clair sometime after I move up to Keene?" At first, when my teacher told me about a new thing I asked very few questions. she asked. Prince Vasili knew this, and having once realized that if he asked on behalf of all who begged of him, he would soon be unable to ask for himself, he became chary of using his influence. Dean was about to ask him if his nineteen-fifties sweater came from the same garage sale as the skis but he proceeded directly to the parlor. I don't want a gang of storm troopers invading my mother-in-law's house at midnight to ask my wife a few simple questions. I only ask this of you, my dearest Joshua; that you not tell my family how I lived, and that you mourn not my passing. asked the Wizard. : You can imagine what fairly free-spoken girls will ask when they come to the point of not caring what they say. Then I asked if she perceived any threats. Children ask profound questions, but they often receive shallow answers, or, to speak more correctly, they are quieted by such answers. CK 1 2245611 I asked why. Even as the idea occurred that she would rather have this room, she knew she couldn't ask. "Of all the weapons under the bed, you chose that one?" The price will be this.". Here, why don't you sit down on this chair while I look you over and ask a few questions. We've been asked a number of times, by the press and everyone else if we're an adjunct to the tipster person. She wanted to ask him why he chose this spot but was afraid to. Anything you ask of Hell, it will do, he said. Ask for a room in the original part of the hotel. she asked. I wouldn't ask but I think it's in your best interest to do so. Over pie and coffee that followed a meat loaf dinner, Betsy asked the question on all our minds. She wanted to ask him how long he would stay at the ranch, but she couldn't think of a way to word the question that didn't sound insensitive. 3. said Princess Mary. he asked, hopeful once more. I'll do what you ask, A'Ran, but isn't there another way? asked Martha, the most outspoken of our group. Martha didn't ask for details, nor did the Deans offer any beyond dire cautionary warnings of childhood dangers. Your father asked me to look for you while I was out this way, and bring you home if I could. I asked as I tasted my bourbon on the rebound. It was a risky thing, lying down on the couch with a man, but this was Cade - half asleep and asking her to stay - Cade, who never asked for anything. I just ask one thing; will you take my word for one item and if you stop this vehicle you'll have more reward than you'll know what to do with. I wanted to ask Billy about teenage partying. she ventured, gazing at his handsome profile. On an impulse he had asked her. He'd thought to ask Darkyn about any debts owed but not about any future debts. Aren't you supposed to ask him if he wants a lawyer? How to use ask in a sentence. Princess Mary went on to ask Natasha to fix a time when she could see her again. If you run into trouble, ask the portals to bring you to me. "You'll help me go on the offensive against your own people?" She gave it to him and, unpleasant as it was to her to do so, ventured to ask him what her father was doing. You're stubborn, suspicious of everyone, and you ask so many damn stupid questions. First Jennifer Radisson called to ask about stopping by after dinner. So a week or two later, I asked him out... dinner at my place. There are several reasons your recipient might delay in replying your email or neglect your email totally, forcing you to deliberately ask for a reply in a formal email. She asked about the baby and I said Claire was fed and sleeping. All because she was too stubborn to ask Evelyn to leave. I just know I'll burst into tears or not know how to answer if they ask questions. May I ask to be attached to the first squadron? the man with the chiseled features asked. she asked, then turned to Betsy and added, "And maybe take Bumpus for walks?". Ah, I also wanted to ask you where our position is exactly? And there we have the subject of the sentence. Why do you ask me that? But just at moments when such thoughts occurred to him, he would ask in a particularly calm and absent-minded way, which inspired the respect of the onlookers, Will it be long? The dog. ", From time to time he went out to ask: "Hasn't she come yet?". Examples of ask in a sentence, how to use it. she asked as I stepped in. use "ask about" in a sentence. You may not have another chance to ask me what you want to know. "If you're a tenth of the man everyone says you are, you'll stop when I ask you to," she whispered. I was about to ask you the same question. she asked as the silence grew uncomfortable. Jonathan asked Alex excitedly as they joined Carmen and Felipa. she asked. "I don't make it, do I?" Posted in punctuating a question within a sentence, respectively at 6:28 am by dlseltzer. 5. "Is it something you want to be involved in?" she asked and sat beside him again. I was thinking more along the lines that he can have no objection when I ask you to dinner, if he's out of the picture. "If you ask him, and he agrees, you can come back," Zamon said. he made himself ask. I tried to ask you more than once, but someone was always interrupting and throwing a new kink in my plans. In another four years... then I will ask for your hand. "How much money do you have, Howie?" She kept looking toward Martha until Martha asked if something was wrong. he asked, his voice gentle and warm. On the day of battle the soldiers excitedly try to get beyond the interests of their regiment, they listen intently, look about, and eagerly ask concerning what is going on around them. asked Dorothy. he asked in a perplexed tone. Howie would never ask Quinn himself; as always seeking one of us as a go-between. You haven't asked me what a woman is doing out here driving a wagon. "Does the dama-fruit grow on a low bush, and look something like a peach?" she asked, looking up at the freaky-looking youth in Goth clothing and multiple facial piercings. she asked, pinning him with a cold glare and crossing her arms. He didn.t have to ask what Sasha did to her when her pretty blue eyes flared with white rage and then filled with tears. The lost tourist asked some of the locals for directions but still couldn’t find his way to the hotel. Bianca asked, surprised the man had feelings. What in God's name would make you ask a personal question like that? ask example sentences. I asked my mother about visiting the country or a farm and she insisted I'd never travelled anywhere but here in New Hampshire until I left for the seminary. "What happened to you?" Deidre didn't want to ask about the part that disturbed her the most. said Pierre. I asked for their approval. A day later, the system will ask, "Hey, what did you think of Tommaso's?". [M] [T] Suzy hopes that Tom will ask her out. she asked. Example sentences with the word ask. "Any chance you might start up again later, if we're assured all the threats are eliminated?" What he wanted from her was a question she feared to ask. she asked, perplexed. I’m going to ask my sister for advice. I asked as I stroked my knife against her cheek. she forced herself to ask to keep hysterics from claiming her. Lisa asked, as she gazed at the beautiful buckskin gelding. "I also wanted to ask you," continued Prince Andrew, "if I'm killed and if I have a son, do not let him be taken away from you--as I said yesterday... let him grow up with you.... "One thing I ask of your excellency," Dolokhov said in his firm, ringing, deliberate voice. Señor Medena asked Carmen and Alex to come to his office with him. "Am I your prisoner or are you some sort of really weird Good Samaritan that's gonna let me go when we get to where we're going?" he asked, even knowing he shouldn't. "So you can collect your money?" "So Charlie just roams free in the house?" Prince Vasili knew this, and having once realized that if he asked on behalf of all who begged of him, he would soon be unable to ask for himself, he became chary of using his influence. "I'm glad you ask," the Watcher said, his gaze darkening. Just please ask Mike to help me get across. At some point, we'll have to ask her to help us out of here. We asked if there was anyone around who might still be living who would remember that far back. he asked, facing her again. "How about Croft's Feed," I asked, remembering another name. "Are you a doctor?" I only came round to ask Denisov about yesterday's order. 24 examples: Upon acceptance of a paper, the author will be asked to transfer copyright to… I asked, trying to learn something of what transpired. I asked the teacher for some help with the homework. Strange though, when I asked if gunshots were common, they answered yes, but it was a quiet weekend; none had been reported for several days. Alex asked sharply, his brows drawing down. "How long do you live, after you are picked?" Though this news was being concealed from the inhabitants, the officials--the heads of the various government departments--knew that Moscow would soon be in the enemy's hands, just as Count Rostopchin himself knew it, and to escape personal responsibility they had all come to the governor to ask how they were to deal with their various departments. Sofia was afraid to ask where she was, who the man was before her. asked the little Wizard. One of the ministers wished me to ask Helen, "What do ministers do? Lisa asked as she turned to look at Sarah. I was too excited to notice anything, too frightened to ask questions. He couldn't have asked for a better housekeeper, but the atmosphere between them had become strained. he asked with gentle gruffness. Alex had asked one of the men go into town and rent a car for them. asked the little girl. she asked, holding up the drink. "How did they happen to be so little?" I will ask her tomorrow in your presence; if she is willing, then he can stay on. He got up the courage and asked me out but when I begged off he acted so devastated I felt like a heel. He would say a lot of pleasant things, ask you to dinner" ("That would not be bad as regards the unwritten code," thought Boris), "but nothing more would come of it. Finally, she asked, "Do you want me out of the room when you break this news to Howie?". Han asked, his form blurry in front of her. mon cher," said Bolkonski. And if anybody asks you, or if you ask yourself what God is, answer, "God is Love.". All Rights Reserved. She hesitated, wanting to find a way home, but not wanting to ask any more favors of him. CK 1 2245684 I didn't ask.CK 1 1841646 I'll ask … He'd been about to ask a similar question. [M] [T] Ask him when the next plane leaves. As she brushed by him on her way to her room to dress, she asked over her shoulder. Tip 1: Respectively. Dean itched to ask her how she was so sure it wasn't Mr. David Dean who dropped her hubby into space but she began to sob anew, making any further conversation impossible. “She asked me if I had been calling her” is (according to the conjugation guide) the pluperfect continuous. "How's my darling?" He said no member has yet to ask for an investigation. It's no use asking him for help. I was going to ask you to help me get home. "You can't find a sitter closer to your home?" Or, turning to Mademoiselle Bourienne, he would ask her in Princess Mary's presence how she liked our village priests and icons and would joke about them. If she had come up with Brandon when he asked, she would have been there when Mr. Marsh suffered the heart attack. she asked, like a hen pecking for scraps. "You're right—she does ask a lot of questions," Han said. CK 1 1841492 I asked Tom. "Tell me why you called?" Wynn pitied her but wasn't about to ask any favors of the demon lord that didn't involve Wynn leaving Hell – and Deidre – behind. she asked, fidgeting. Who is not a preposition; it is a pronoun. he asked, eyeing her. ", When she referred to our conversation again, it was to ask, "Why did not Jesus go away, so that His enemies could not find Him?". she asked Alex. He was simply helping out his sibling and never asked for details. I did not ask the American Medical Association their opinion of this arrangement. the Watcher asked. Just the same as now--I ask you, Count--who will be heads of the departments when everybody has to pass examinations? Aren't you going to ask me all those stock questions like 'Weren't you tempted? I would ask that you bestow defenses upon them to thwart his inevitable attack. It was something she had been told often, but never expected to be asked. "I'm not going to ask why you two are naked," Rhyn said. "Ask your mate," Darkyn said, unconcerned. she asked, baffled. The same evening that the prince gave his instructions to Alpatych, Dessalles, having asked to see Princess Mary, told her that, as the prince was not very well and was taking no steps to secure his safety, though from Prince Andrew's letter it was evident that to remain at Bald Hills might be dangerous, he respectfully advised her to send a letter by Alpatych to the Provincial Governor at Smolensk, asking him to let her know the state of affairs and the extent of the danger to which Bald Hills was exposed. "Darkyn led this assault without the Dark One's permission. I wanted to ask questions but a medic stuck a needle in my arm. Martha asked if she'd like to hold the baby, thrilling Molly further. She didn't have to ask which entity that was. "Will you…" She wasn't sure how to ask for what she wanted, the comfort only he seemed to be able to give her. 2. I mentioned finding the old name of Willard Humphries and asked if Brennan could check if he'd been released. It appears before the predicate to show what the sentence is about, or what performs the action. "Tell us, dear, what do the creatures look like?" Filter. "Where's my milk?" It may be vain to ask why the imagination will not be reconciled to flesh and fat. "What shall we do now?" We often ask questions at the beginning of what ends up being more of a declarative sentence, because, if it were written out, it would actually be: Was there something changed recently? Her date with Michael had been uneventful and he hadn't asked her out since. I hate to ask you for another favor, but I wonder if I could pay you to drive me home. He did not ask about the regiment, nor about the general state of affairs, and when Rostov spoke of these matters did not listen. asked the boy. What kind of creature would hurt a woman like this? Or maybe it's just because daddy didn't ask their permission first. 2. I smelt the violets in her hand and asked, half in words, half in signs, a question which meant, "Is love the sweetness of flowers?". he asked, thereby identifying his mystery amour. Dusty asked, a knot forming in his stomach. she asked all of us. He was always right, even when he told her to ask Damian something he knew very well. "You brought me here to lecture me, little one?" CK 1 320080 Don't ask.CM 1 1878526 Let's ask.Asma 1 2092642 Ask anyone. "The count had a sty," replied the adjutant smiling, "and was very much upset when I told him people had come to ask what was the matter with him. "You really have no idea how special you are, do you?" Princess Mary saw Dessalles' embarrassed and astonished look fixed on her father, noticed his silence, and was struck by the fact that her father had forgotten his son's letter on the drawing-room table; but she was not only afraid to speak of it and ask Dessalles the reason of his confusion and silence, but was afraid even to think about it. she asked, taking the paper from him. "How the hell did Dusty end up with someone like you?" a doctor asked, knocking on the door. Speck asked, looking Jonny over critically. Ain't you going to ask what I found on the net? "Ask any honest woman who she'd rather sleep with," slurred Ginger, "a jock or a PhD. "Looking for flowers again?" I asked, just as a stocky bearded man dressed in a brown religious smock came out of a side door. They hardly gave one another time to ask questions and give replies concerning a thousand little matters which could not interest anyone but themselves. May I ask you a personal question? I'd planned to ask Quinn and Martha to come in so I could tell them what I'd learned but the more I considered it, I decided a phone call was sufficient. Boss, I was gonna ask if you needed an XO while Sasha is out, Toni ventured. "What made you come?" Zamon didn't say why he thought this would work, and I didn't ask. Later that evening in their room Carmen asked him about the exchange. "I think it's stupid, if you ask me," Joseph Dawkins said as he rose to leave. he asked, concern in his voice. . she asked rudely. Listen to the sentence below with the stress on different words. Berg took the opportunity to ask, with great politeness, whether, as was rumored, the allowance of forage money to captains of companies would be doubled. Ask definition is - to call on for an answer. My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what "What made them fly away?" He asked me an awkward question.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English” I asked her that one of them call me with the results. He trusted Sofia to either of the two men before him and knew Dusty was the more likely of the two to shoot first and ask questions later if she was threatened. "How do you like it?" Later she remembered that Alex had asked her to call him if there was any change. If you ain't here, Corday and the police can't ask you questions you might not want to answer, like what's Cynthia's Indiana address. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. my wife asked. "In the alley, when you blasted me, what were you trying to do?" he asked, disappointed. asked the first lawyer, whose name was Speed. he demanded, emotions wild on his face. 2. she asked, unable to keep her silence any longer. Have you been there for the past two days? Pierre was about to ask, but seeing the stern expression of the adjutant who was also looking that way, he checked himself. 16, As we climbed, I asked after Rozanov's wife, Sonia, and Sasha his son. asked Zeb. We will provide them with whatever information that they ask for. And before you ask, she's got her green card. she asked as she unlocked the building and guided us into a large office that smelled of cigars and dust. The expression on his face indicated he knew what she was going to ask. Go to Matrena Matrevna and ask her for the sable cloak. "Where do you come from, then?" When I told her about Destiny, she asked if she could come up and help. You had tens of thousands of millennia to ask! Even if we put them into the wing, the men's room, or the nurse's room, we must ask permission. "Allow me to ask," he said, "are you a Mason?". "Mr. Brennan asked me call you," I said by way of introduction. "Something bad's going to happen, isn't it?" "Where do they live?" I asked you to buy me a bunch of red roses. It is a safe bet that no one has ever asked that question before, and yet this system is designed to answer it. He'd wanted to ask about Angel but feared doing so. A reader writes: I'll do as you ask, if you can make it to our bedchamber by the count of five. Toni asked Sofi, striding in from the outside. 204+88 sentence examples: 1. the child asked. He asked if there were others and I told him about two. Howie doesn't want you to simply telephone Willard Humphries; he wants you to go down there and look him in the eye when you ask him. I have this gift I never asked for but it's like I have an obligation to utilize it. "Ask any man where he'd rather have his face—the cover of Time Magazine or a baseball card?" "How far along is she, Pierre?" Synonym Discussion of ask. "Can you feel them?" "What are you talking about?" she asked as we rolled up and down low hills by bucolic pastures.

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