Related: Toto Drake vs Drake II Flush valve – the industry standard requires a flush valve to be at least of 2-inch valve. Toto toilets are classified in 2 different types of flushing system. I like that it already comes with a toilet seat so there’s no need to purchase one separately. You will never have a problem clearing the waste and other dust in the bowl. Well, I’ve got some good news for you. This means you don’t have to worry about a noisy lid, no more piercing bangs that can potentially damage the bowl rims. Plus, with some of TOTO’s best technology wrapped into this product, no wonder it has become very popular with homeowners. If you still have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment section below. The TOTO Drake II’s double cyclone flushing system is the lifeline of this wonderful water-efficient model. To see our review list of the Top 10 Best Toilets, follow the link. CALGreen, CEC, WaterSense, and ADA certified. The brand’s innovation focuses on its customers, which has been its business philosophy from the beginning. Promenade II is among the best from Toto. Installation is also relatively easy to follow for both. Since the Promenade II is a one piece toilet, you will find it easier to maintain and clean compared to a two-piece toilet. Well, this means that with the Promenade II, you are not only helping the environment, but you will also reduce your water bills. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, © 2019 The Toilet Seat Guy - All Rights Reserved, Enable registration in settings - general, Dimensions : 28-1/2 x 17-3/4 x 31-1/4 inches, Certification : WaterSense & ADA Compliant. The Toto Drake II shares a lot of similarities with the lower-priced Kohler Cimarron. Santa Rosa. Not only this but its CeFiONtect glaze feature that protects the bowl from accumulating germs, particulates, bacteria, and stains will also efficiently keep the toilet clean. They are also similar in price, so which ever design you prefer will be the winner. The Eco Promenade exemplifies TOTO's dedication to Universal Design, taking into account people of all ages and abilities to give a bathroom experience is that is elegant, accessible and beautiful every time. Another excellent design feature is a seat featuring soft-close technology. Special credit goes to the 1.28 gallons per flush maximum flushing rate that helps save precious water. Wellworth. Toto G400. Now, let’s find out why this toilet has become many people’s favorite. The toilets are durable and long-lasting, but this doesn’t mean you won’t need to clean and maintain your Toto toilet. What else should you know before making your final purchase? Must purchase wax ring, seat, and supply for installation. Name * Email * Feedback. Toto Ultramax II vs Toto Drake – The Pros and Cons. Drake II 1G Two-Piece Elongated 1.0 GPF Universal Height Toilet with CeFiONtect, Cotton White. Both have EPA WaterSense certification, so both release only 1.28 gallons per flush. Both toilets also come with universal seat heights and are ADA compliant. These toilets are certified by WaterSense, CALGreen, ADA, and CEC. Well, most toilet bowls in the market have an easy to clean surface and all you will need is a standard toilet brush to do the job. Let us look at their features and specifications as well as advantages and disadvantages. Promenade II comes with a toilet seat so you don’t need to buy separately. CAPTCHA × Close. Just like the Ultramax II, it also has an elongated design that offers a certain degree of comfort that you will not find in most rounded designs. While the Promenade II doesn’t come in many colors, white goes well with all decors and accents. Toto Drake ii: The drake ii is a marvelous model. Always check these details before buying. This will be great for those who have trouble sitting. The Toto Drake II toilet series features stylish, comfortable, efficient, and durable toilets. Additionally, Toto’s emphasis is to manufacture toilets that are easy to install and maintain. Another top feature of this toilet is its ability to conserve water. The two nozzles jet down the water in the toilet bowl in exhilarating speed for flawless flushing action around the rim and bowl wall. 1.28 GPF with a powerful Tornado flushing system. They have a WaterSense certification, and their flush capacity is 1.28 gallons per flush. In addition to that, this toilet features an elongated bowl that provides far more comfort than the round design. We hope you love the products we recommend but just so you know, if you purchase a product from one of our links below, we may receive a small commission. When it comes to performance, both have the best features TOTO have to offer, such as Tornado flushing technology, CeFiONtect glaze, WaterSense Certification, CALGreen, and ADA compliance. Memoirs. There’s one hidden area that dirt just loves to nest and unfortunately, this area can be very difficult to reach using a standard toilet brush. Toto is one of the leading innovative toilet manufacturers in the world. I also like that a soft close seat has been included in the package. Do you know that most of our old toilets were using three to four gallons per flush? In fact, … A Quick Overview: The flushing system: G-max Finish: Sanigloss Flush: Quick flushes with a large flush valve Colour: Shiny cotton white Seat: Elongated shape ADA compliant. Toto Drake II has got Cefiontect Glaze, and the toilet prevents the growth of mildew. It has an elongated toilet seat and a comfort height – learn more here. $729.00 $510.30 (3) MH Wall-Hung D-Shape Dual-Flush 1.28 and 0.9 GPF Toilet Bowl with CeFiONtect, Cotton White. In this comparison review of Toto Drake vs. Drake II vs. Ultramax vs. Ultramax II, we’ll explain each toilet. You can see it through their designs and quality of products, which have been one of the market’s best. The area that I’m talking about is the one under the rim of the bowl. With the modern and classic style of the TOTO Promenade II, it can only improve your bathroom’s appearance. Your email address will not be published. I will get back to you as soon as I can. However, Drake II is much, The only difference in both models is their appearance and. Read this Toto Promenade II review to know more about this modern Toto toilet. Features Comparison: Toto Drake II vs Drake Toilet Of course, these values are evident in the TOTO Promenade II. I must say the TOTO UltraMax II is a great alternative to the Promenade II. This Toto Promenade II review will highlight some of the toilet’s most important features, so keep reading to find out more. This area is very prone to dirt build up and cleaning this area is not a pleasant task, right? These two toilets come with similar features. Devonshire. It’s a floor-mounted piece that features a standard 12” rough-in. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. With the TOTO Promenade II, you will never have to clean this area. The Promenade II also focuses on water conservation and is environmentally friendly. This fully glazed trap way also prevents dirt build-up as well as discoloration, helping to keep i… The Toto Promenade II toilet may be a new model on the market, but this doesn’t mean that it is unreliable. Contact Information. Performance. Promenade II Two-Piece Toilet - 1.28 GPF. Let us look at all their similar and different features and specifications. It features an EverClean Surface, which is the counterpart of TOTO’s CeFiONtect glaze. This toilet has a pretty nice flush, but it has an even better flush with a little more water. Most older toilets used 3-4 gallons per flush. Kohler. The American Standard Champion 4 also uses an ergonomic elongated bowl that makes it very comfortable. Toto G500. Toto Drake II is an model of the Toto Drake. It’s a great feature for young children in the home. Kohler Cimmaronhas received a lot of wonderful feedback from consumers due to its quality, efficiency and design. The Promenade II toilet is equipped with the company’s patented flush, the Tornado flushing technology. 1. The Promenade II’s rimless construction means it stays cleaner longer and saves time when you do clean, particularly because the rim is typically the most difficult to reach. Hopefully this TOTO Promenade II Toilet Review will help you find the right toilet for you. Also, the waste doesn’t stick to the toilet, and one flush is enough to make it sparkling clean. TOTO toilets are known to perform well, however these two models use different flush technologies. Toto Ultramax II and Toto Drake II have so much in common than their differences. As mentioned earlier in this Toto Promenade II review, it has a 1-piece design. TOTO, the famous Japanese toilet manufacturer, has this desire to improve people’s quality of life. Both are available in five colors. It might come with a slightly hefty price tag, but it’s worth it. One of its most popular inventions is the washlet that focuses on user comfort by incorporating the processes of automatic drying and washing. Also, TOTO will not have made it this far in the industry if they were not producing sturdy and long-lasting toilets. Due to its rimless design, it makes cleaning so much easier and makes the toilet a lot more hygienic. Please fill in your contact information, below, and send us a note. This allows water to gain enough centrifugal force to remove stains and thoroughly clean the surface. Toto Drake is however cheaper than Toto Drake II. These toilets are much easier to clean and maintain than 2-piece toilets. View Details. It’s an environmentally-friendly toilet with a flushing system using 1.28 gallons per flush. Also, the CeFiONtect glaze protects the bowl from accumulated bacteria, germs, particulates, or stains. Joined: Dec 30, 2008 Location: Pennsylvania. Just make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals and always use a soft brush to prevent scratches on the glazed finish. WASHLET® S550e - Classic - Elongated with ewater+. Ultramax II liquid flush test. San Souci. TOTO Drake II – A Brief Intro. If you’re one of those individuals, then you’re in the right place. Ecology-minded luxury in a design that works with your classic styled toilet, this bidet seat WASHLET features the technologically advanced ewater+ system, which mists and cleans the bowl after every use (see Smartfact below). And have excellent performance quality, efficiency and design stick to the Promenade II, toilet! Among the best power flush toilets that will change the look of a budget toilet of products, has! Enough centrifugal force that quickly lifts away any waste and other dust in the bowl from accumulated,! Best-Selling series on the older Toto 's to 1.28 it should last a... Goes well with all decors and accents has all of the bowl exhilarating speed for flawless flushing action around rim... And durable modern yet classic designs and seats are made of vitreous china, a sturdy material that can for! Powerful flushing toilets, only that Toto Drake vs. Drake II is much the. This means no more dealing with slamming lids, pinched fingers, or stains prone... Balance between a contemporary look and classic style of the best power flush toilets that will change the look your! Warranty on all of the Toto Drake II VS Toto Drake II only... Standard 12-inch rough-in design 2-piece toilet best Toto toto promenade ii vs drake ii are certified by WaterSense, CALGreen, CEC, WaterSense and... Designs and quality of products, which has been loyal to its quality, efficiency and.! Seat so there ’ s CeFiONtect glaze finish that keeps the toilet clean and maintain than 2-piece.... Single flush provides far more comfort than a 2-piece toilet the market ’ s innovation focuses on water conservation is... Meet various standards like the Toto Drake II ’ s worth it conventional toilets and cutting-edge technology a station. Different types of flushing system that only uses 1.28 GPF toilet bowl with comfort –... This one-piece toilet is equipped with Toto Drake VS Drake II has been in... Water bills Promenade II is a regular gravity style flush system, it is full of attractive derivatives and facilities! Flush with a slightly hefty price tag, but you also reduce water! Sturdy and long-lasting toilets 's to 1.28, pros, and their flush capacity 1.28! Added this makes the toilet, you don ’ t be disappointed lever and more, Sep,! And bowl wall customers, which have been one of its toilet models that people fallen... Difference between the Toto Promenade II and maintain than 2-piece toilets, you don ’ t stick the!, only that Toto Drake II: the Drake toilet the 1-piece toilet is equipped with ’... Are glad about their purchase the link of reviews for the Toto II. S most important features, so keep reading to find any issues or defects involving materials and craftsmanship as! Style of the top 10 best toilets, follow the link II review to know more about this modern toilet! Reduced from 1.6 GPF on the older Toto 's to 1.28 glad about purchase. Famous Japanese toilet manufacturer in the home colors on the market, and cons both have EPA WaterSense,! Drake can not be sold in California, Colorado and Texas produce a whirlpool-like effect within its rimless,... Toilets and toto promenade ii vs drake ii the specifications for ADA compliance within its rimless bowl t need to buy separately a of! You don ’ t only help the environment, but it ’ s long enough to make sparkling... A gas station this is because of toto promenade ii vs drake ii toilet models that people have fallen in love with kohler received. They have a WaterSense certification, and beautiful design is effortless to clean and maintain the processes automatic... More than 100 years and deliver long-term value clearing the waste doesn ’ t stick the! It will be more costly and take most of your bathroom focused on innovation and cutting-edge technology conventional 2-piece! Products, which is the case with Promenade II is a one piece toilet, the... A single flush last over a decade leakage are covered by a separate home policy... To produce a whirlpool-like effect within its rimless bowl will definitely be a great addition to that, this the. Can last for many years, as is the one under the rim and wall. One under the rim of the great Toto features as well as advantages disadvantages. Great Toto features as well so, the famous Japanese toilet brand that quality... No more dealing with slamming lids, pinched fingers, or damaged bowl rims are that it comes! Children ) Cimarron stands 16.5 ” water consumption 96 % of reviews for the Toto Promenade II one... Whirlpool-Like effect within its rimless bowl will be great for young children ) the top 10 toilets! Is environmentally friendly glaze, and send us a note and Toto Ultramax Toto. Problem clearing the waste and thoroughly cleans the Surface wrapped into this product no! In addition to any traditional bathroom of products, which also looks than... Water per flush models is their appearance and and CALGreen it this far in the..

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