How in order to rebuild the future, you have to let go of the past. Check Out Broken Road – Days Gone Free Theme Available Now On PS4. However, there is one secret ending that may need a little bit of explanation. Reddit user, TheFrogChampion, has confirmed that the game’s true ending is locked behind a 100% completion of the game. This comes as no surprise, as the title was well-received when it was released back in April of 2019. Nick Farrell 31 October 2020 Hush! Don’t worry this wont spoil it for you. The secret ending is more of an epilogue mission and there are others that round out characters arcs and tie off things, but O’Brian’s final NERO mission, ‘There’s Nothing You Can Do’ is a doozy. Days Gone Secret Ending: What Is It, How To Get It and More! Days Gone; just finished; User Info: tigg06. For all other Days Gone Collectible Types check out the full ... May 3, 2019 at 1:03 am. Once you’ve completed all there is to do (that’s a lot of stuff), you... 04/30/2019. But finally, the main campaign missions require you … here you will need to start doing any missions and objectives present in the game. By Leon Hurley 22 October 2020. Finishing the game may well be only the beginning if the Days Gone secret ending is … Days Gone Secret Ending. Days Gone is a fast-paced post-apocalyptic video game with plenty of hidden layers to be explored. Posted October 27, 2020. In order to trigger this mission, you will need to … Since we don’t want to spoil the game, we won’t tell you anything about the Days Gone Secret Ending, except for the fact that it occurs after the story and you can’t miss it if you address all missions. After the credits finish rolling, you return to the in-game world and have to keep busy for a little while. Of course with the Days Gone secret ending means an alternative to what you’d see usually – which certainly goes a different direction to the basic one. Nero Intel can be found from various places of the world in Days Gone. There’s a secret scene at the very end. Can say the ending was a tad bit of a let down, just had a big build up, huge game play and just .. that was it. Finish it finally, main story any ways, got to go through and finish hordes and find the camps and nero things and all, but have to say.. great game. You can completing any remaining side-missions, capture NERO Research Sites, and burn Freak Nests. ; How To Unlock Secret Ending: Want to see the secret ending then read our guide it has an amazing twist. Keep doing any of these activities. after that wait for the whole credits to roll out. Josh: Find the “The Twins” clues so that he will recognize his sister’s tattoo. Keep traveling around the world. ; How To Get Free Supply From Boozer: Boozer keeps some free supply at the safe house, you can refill ammo, bandages, Molotov crafting items before going on a mission. In this Days Gone Nero Intel Locations Guide, we will show you where you can get all the Nero Intel in the game. You can send them to the camp of your choice, of which the rewards will vary. This is similar to 2015’s Arkham Knight, which also has its true ending hidden behind the player completing the game a 100%. What were you expecting the final resolution to be? Warning: SPOILERS Ahead for Days Gone. How to unlock the Days Gone secret ending and see one hell of a twist. Without spoiling too much, you still have access to all camps in every capacity after the story. Days Gone is less a game about zombies (partially because Days Gone doesn't include any) and more an examination of loss, hope, and cruelty in the post-apocalypse - and all of this is evident in the Days Gone ending. Okay then. The first thing you have to do is to complete the main storyline, that is HUGE SPOILERS eliminate Skizzo and Col. Garret during the assault on Wizard Island. During this mission, Deacon is looking for a pup for Boozer. We've gathered our favorite ideas for Days Gone How To Get The Secret Ending Usgamer, Explore our list of popular images of Days Gone How To Get The Secret Ending Usgamer and Download Photos Collection with high resolution The Days Gone subreddit. ├ We’re Fighting A War ├ A Score to Settle Also had iron mikes missions complete before lisa's was completed. days gone secret ending explained. Fortunately, Days Gone has multiple epilogue missions after the story’s conclusion, and one of them definitively concludes the Finding NERO plot. RELATED: 10 Tips For Fighting Hordes In Days Gone. Your place for discussion, help, news, reviews, questions, screenshots, videos, gifs, and anything else Days Gone related! Locate All Hidden Syringes Get Permanent Health, Stamina & Focus Stat Boosts. One of the great aspects of Days Gone is that face that there is plenty of different things to keep the clock ticking. These intel items are recorders that play some audio when you pick them up. Still here? If you have unfinished storylines, you will be still be able to complete them after beating the game! Days Gone does a good job of working its way up to the horde battles. Siop y Pentre llanrhaeadr. Luckily, the hidden ending isn't problematic to unlock. There's Nothing You Can Do - Secret Ending. You’ll only be able to check out the Days Gone secret ending once you are at the point of free roaming the world again. According to USgamer, the secret ending found in Days Gone (spoiler warning) suggests that the game's Freaker virus is mutating, and that a lot more humans are about to become infected. Here’s How To Unlock The Days Gone Secret Ending. Biscuits; Bread; Breakfast Cereals; Cakes But I'll bet when the sequel happens John Garvins writing will still wind up being at LEAST 50 percent stuff none of us thought of. Back to the IPCA Tech now and what they are. This particular mission is the last story mission you will encounter during Days Gone. It was good just wish it was better. Days Gone version 1.10: Why you need to play survival mode. Days Gone Secret Ending Unlock After the credits finish rolling, you return to the in-game world and have to keep busy for a little while. Days Gone lets you play as Deacon St. John, a former soldier-turn-outlaw biker, in the chaotic world of Zombie-infested Oregon.During the outbreak, Deacon lost his sweetheart, Sarah. To get the best / good game ending in Until Dawn all characters must be alive at the end of the story. Get 100% Completion After Ending. … To get a bonus ending in Days Gone, which lays down a pretty mind-blowing cliffhanger, you’ll need to first complete the main story of the game. For an almost spoiler free guide on how to get it, just read on.Read More. Days Gone will be one of the titles releasing alongside the PS5 as a backward-compatible game. At first, you have to deal with smaller numbers of Freakers. To view the secret ending, first complete the main story. The final main missions of the game will activate even if you do not have 100% completion on your storylines. Days Gone: How To Use The Photo Mode, and When To Use It. GameCentral Wednesday 8 May 2019 1:00 am. Days Gone is developed by Sony Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. There is no "Secret ending" thats just youtube "gamer" clickbait you finish the main game then in after game play you get follow up missions that just tell you how things went and one of them is the O'Brian mission so nothing can be missed just keep playing its only a "secret" to people who stopped playing as soon as the credit rolled. So I was sure that Sam had killed herself, and I'd find her in the attic (when I found the final secret room with the pentagram I was nearly sure), but it looks like she's off with her lover Lonnie somewhere. Days Gone has a secret ending. Days Gone is littered with references to Syphon Filter, Sony Bend Studio’s famous stealth series that hasn’t seen a sequel since Logan’s Shadow for the PSP in 2007. Days Gone Secret Ending Unlock. Completed Days Gone, For Those … This ending unlocks the following trophies: The Quicker Man They All Live Four Daughters Of Darkness Don’t Scare Jessica To Death . How To Get Secret Endings In Days Gone To get this ending you will need to progress through the game and complete the big final battle. Yes, in Days Gone you can pet the dog, however, this becomes available only during a cutscene initiated after you make sufficient progress in the story campaign.You have to complete main missions until you start the Have It Your Way mission. After completing the final mission and watching the credits, you will return to the open world. This page in our guide to Days Gone focuses on the secret ending. These include the Nero Resource Sites, Nero Checkpoints, or obtained automatically from the story missions. You shouldn't worry about missing it, either. I'm not sure which ending I would have preferred, but I think the "happy" ending is kind of a cop out. tigg06 1 year ago #1. Home; Shop Local; Welsh Food; Hampers; Products . Games Inbox: Boycotting Borderlands 3, Days Gone secret ending, and Sony’s EA Access. The True Ending for the game, for 100% completion. The ending of the game itself, though, may offer the best proof. In your search for the pup, you have to search through the nearby houses with freakers inside. Days Gone – A reason for completionists! Days Gone has been in development for quite some time and developer, Sony Bend, has been very quiet about the game until now, as the devs have … but I feel like there's also a lot that the game doesn't explain. How To Unlock New Mission And Rewards Guide: Learn how you can unlock new missions and reward in Days Gone. 10 Secret Ending. Once the credits is finished you will be back into the open world. Check Out Points Of No Return Here! This is your last chance to turn away before the spoilers start to roll!

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