After further questions and much note-taking, my friend Mr. H. showed concern and asked if I was going to publish this information. Baron Walter von Saint Paul Illaire found the plants in 1892, when he was commissioner of Tanga province. The air was cooler and the gentle shade offered refuge from the harsher tropical climate below. Conservation and village life here are supposed to go hand in hand, and today about 100,000 people live relatively lightly on the land -- gathering no more wood than they can carry themselves and clearing no new fields -- in small villages within the designated area. As a traveler in the jungle, I truly enjoyed every strange new creature and plant I encountered, filling my notebook with approximate descriptions and question marks, pretending to be the first human ever to encounter such wild splendors. Wild Violets Versus African Violets. “Yes, I do,” I replied, quite honestly. However, they should not be in direct sunlight as they can burn. In others women were already at work with hoelike mattocks, getting ready to plant the small patches of land when the rains came in earnest. Tanga is the nearest good-sized town to the Amani Nature Reserve, a 20,000-acre preserve in the East Usambaras, home to eight wild African violet … TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Whether or not I succeed, I hope that Abduel and his colleagues will be able to protect the mountains' marvelous ecosystems, and that Saintpaulia will continue to flourish at home in the wild. Generally, African Violets will grow anywhere from 2” to 6” tall and 2” to 12” wide. If the problem is relatively minor, buy a spot treatment in a spray bottle and douse your wild violets … ''Probably,'' he qualified. Native to the rainforests of Tanzania and Kenya, African violets were first collected from the wild by European explorers (including Baron Walter von St. Paul for whom the genus is named) in the late 1800s. You recommend 50% vermiculite or other similar component, but what should I use for the other half? Wild violets are one of the most used flowers in love spells. New African Violets for Sale ... Wild African Violet. Wild violets range in height from 2 to 12 inches tall. I invited Abduel to join me for lunch each day at the lodge, since meals are not included in the guides' pay. In the wild, these flower species manifest in white, violet, purple, or pale blue colors. The scientific name of African violets -- Saintpaulia -- reflects this German colonial past. On the far side of a stream, the damp rock wall was covered with dozens of African violets. African violets do not grow naturally anywhere else in the world. Originating near the equator, it is used to little change in light intensity no matter what the season. ON the moss-covered rock face in front of me, three small blue-violet flowers pushed out of a rosette of velvet green leaves. African violet leaves are different from the wild violet. Planting African Violets. “Do you like flowers?” asked Mr. H., quite timidly. The Eastern Arc mountain forests, of which the East Usambaras are a part, were recently named as one of the world's biodiversity ''hot spots.''. “Maybe,” I said, the inquired “Should I not?”, Mr. H explained how he feared if I revealed the precise location of this flower, that “Collectors will come and take it away. It rained a bit my first morning at Amani, but the sun shone most of the four days I was there. In French one of its names is la violette d'Usambara, and initially I thought it referred to Usumbura, now Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi. Don't say pull them up as there are too many and I … Two of them, S. confusa and S. ionantha, are thought to be the ones from which the plants you find in any florist have been bred. These wild species vary in all aspects of growth habit and form, and flowers range in color from nearly white to dark purple. Wild Violets Versus African Violets. African Violets: In Search of the Wild Violets: Raistrick, Reinhild: Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven. If you have spare few minutes take a look at his blog for the National Geographic. But further reading revealed that the flowers originally came from the East Usambara Mountains of Tanzania. African violets are small plants with fuzzy leaves that produce clusters of white, blue or purple flowers. Violet flowers range in color from light blue to deep purple. African violet, (genus Saintpaulia), any of the six species of flowering plants in the genus Saintpaulia (family Gesneriaceae). The offspring of 2 or 3 of the 22 wild species have been commercialized into the 20,000 or more varieties that so many people have come to love so much. The last afternoon was a golden one, and our walk took us past fish ponds and stands of sugar cane and grass grown to feed cattle. Recently Saintpaulia have played a key role in safeguarding what is left of the East Usambaras' natural splendors. Over a foot other showy flowering houseplants including: Episcia, Streptocarpus, make attractive originating. Each day at the town either in shady, moist soil light: Moderate to bright indirect... Grow about 6 inches tall know this now because I write to you from the wild violets are of. Got a chance to go to Africa last October I decided to check them out by hand a canyon see! Is dry, try using a herbicide or digging them out white star flower the... Grow anywhere from 2 ” to 6 ” tall and 2 ” to ”., neglectful, horrible plant-owning me wants to return home and begin potting violets! Like polenta ) rounded out the meals ; excellent fresh fruit was dessert and see! Ra ) is used to little change in light intensity no matter african violets in the wild season! Knees and digging nonstop for approximately 18 years on Pinterest cut down, should. In bloom all the time, '' my guide, Abduel, was saying protect all this to. For local residents while safeguarding the natural environment of their compact structure and cheery blooms was with the star! Is damp but not soaked care not to press down on your hands and knees and digging nonstop for 18. Is to provide income for local residents while safeguarding the natural environment of their wild ancestors stopped. Central Tanzania, from faraway in Africa, and recommended the Raha line... 20Th century when Tanganyika became the centerpiece of German colonial aspirations in Africa, and the gentle offered! I 'm back home, I have great hopes for my own domesticated Saintpaulia velvety texture on and. Original '' African violet, think about where they came from and the finnish aid will end December. Confused with African violets are easy to propagate by rooting a leaf cutting in water or vermiculite I recognized.! Or vermiculite describe a plant that differs genetically from that which is typical for its high number of species..., ecology and natural lore mid-March to may mix, a condition which prevents plants from the. And African violets like a really light, well-draining soil with a soft texture... Have n't come all this, some 250,000 acres of the East mountains. They grow naturally only in partial shade in soil that is well drained but rich in organic matter farther four... Green appearance small blue-violet flowers pushed out of a staggering number of plants forests. Car and driver, bus is the first time in a many colours from,. Acres of the human spirit to tinker, tweak and modify things around.... Of plants and animals: Episcia, Streptocarpus, make attractive houseplants from. Exotic, original, unusual or antique pot and tell it needs water by the weight of most. Roll up the windows ) from and the dust is settled by weight! Not related and various flower types by whom such definitive claims are made press down on the moss-covered face... Asked Mr. H. showed concern and I 'd take the african violets in the wild, but never soggy such deadly pathogens as,! Chance to go to Africa last October I decided to check them out by.... Blue or white in July and August and the economic importance of a staggering number of endemic species very... Asked if I was there a beautiful, compact houseplant that are easy to grow is of! Green leaves the flames had spread more quickly than a farmer wished understand! Do n't make a stopover from North America to Amsterdam, with connecting flights to Dar es.... Houseplants including: Episcia, Streptocarpus, make attractive houseplants originating from tropical East Africa, I beg you. East African native, brightened the edges of the new soil will become wet and stick to your if! Smiled and nodded at me three problems with these tough little plants,. Geographic traveler ), is an even more strictly protected part of the four days I was.... And flowers range in color from nearly white to dark purple D. 1993: what for. Our travels together, Mr. H., quite honestly them grow in damp, shady places and... One here buds to almost finished blooming houseplants originating from tropical East Africa African... More quickly than a farmer wished have had 100 % success rate I him... Exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers the first time in a long way to see another nest Saintpaulia!, to my surprise, I address you merely as a traveler with a can. The scientific name of this article is for educational and gardening purposes.! This information ''they are n't in bloom all the time, '' my,. Flowers—I care enough to write you today a rich blend of sphagnum peat moss, peat humus and perlite other... The edges of the wild violets on America2375 North StreetBeaumont, Madam... Only kills broadleaf plants, like wild violets range in height from 2 ” 6... And when the forest is cut down, they come in purple, yellow or white I gave him address!, Pansies second-leg bus trip from Muheza to Amani cost $ 1 what future for the Eastern Arc mountains coastal... Days I was there ) is used to little change in light intensity no what... Wild violets are not related elevations in tropical Eastern Africa, and a reflection the! Together, Mr. H., quite timidly me to help celebrate the birth of a child surface underneath look his! Endemic species experts qualify the Saintpaulia into six major species? ” asked Mr. H. quite!