Summer Sweet Gold * - This is essentially my reselection from the very best of our Summertime Gold selections, and I aimed for smooth oblate form, a nice medium yellow color with a faint blush, and superb flavor. Add to Wish List. And despite its small growth, the Mongolian dwarf gives fruits not the smallest - about 200 grams the weight of one tomato. The flavour, when picked fresh, is strong with a good balance between sweet and savory. As colourful as its name, this dwarf tomato is ready to rock with shades of purple, green, and gold marking its outer skin while the flesh is a deep crimson-red. Sweet Adelaide is another one that I really loved in 2018. 75 days, dwarf — The vigorous, rugose, potato leaf dwarf plants produce heavy yields of uniquely colored pale orange smooth oblate fruit that have a nearly matte, dull finish, ranging from eight to twelve ounces. The flavor doesn’t have quite the impact on me, but as in all of those I am downgrading a bit on flavor, it is time to revisit. From shop TheGiftedTomato. Loxton Lass - See comments for Loxton Lad, above….input is needed. Die Tomate "Dwarf Striped Anto" ist ein untersetzter Strauch mit einer Höhe von 60 bis 100 cm. Certainly this is one of our finest varieties. Reviews gardeners. This tomato variety is good for planting in hanging baskets. Dwarf Tomato Project Heirloom Seeds Provides an opportunity for space-challenged gardeners: those who plant in containers, on patios or balconies, roof-tops, in sun rooms or greenhouses or those who plant in smaller outside garden spaces, to enjoy the different colors and flavors of larger fruited varieties that were previously only available by growing in tall, indeterminate heirlooms. If I didn't have other small … So, this is another that needs a fresh look by me. There is no way that all 106 of our releases will excite and excel for everyone, everywhere. Thanks to its mid-size fruits, you're looking at the ideal snack with nothing left to waste or lose flavour in the refrigerator. Red Robin Tomato Seeds (50 Seeds) 3.9 out of 5 stars 2. TastyWine * - This release has the potential to equal Brandywine in flavor, if not quite in size. Waratah - Great reds are a bit lacking in our project. Those who love the indeterminate Lucky Cross should similarly crave this “dwarf version”. Growing Calendar. Maralinga - There is a consistent theme with this set of dwarf releases; I simply don’t have tons of experience with many of them, including Maralinga. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. First ripe Dwarf Melanie’s Ballet from July of this season. The Tiny Tim tomato plant is super dwarf. It is a potato leaf, good sized oblate purple tomato with excellent flavor, but I need to regrow it to add more details. Yet - I know from reading reviews and from feedback directly to me that there are those who love it - which is gratifying. Adelaide Festival * - We have three purple with stripes (green to golden) offerings - this, Fred’s Tie Dye (different family) and Tennessee Suited (same family as Adelaide Festival). Organic Arctic Rose Dwarf Tomato We love these 3 to 8 ounce salmon-pink fruits with well-balanced sweetness, impressively abundant on dwarf 3.5 foot plants. So let’s call this another to return to soon for a fresh look. Very helpful thread. Dwarf Golden Gypsy  * - I love this variety. It's stout central stem grows to only 3'-4' tall, perfect for a large container or a small garden space. The fruits resemble the shape of a penis and is Sometimes referred to as Adam. Craig is also cofounder of the Dwarf Tomato Project (those are some dwarf types sliced open up top), which gets back to the issue of how many tomatoes can be squeezed in, since small is good. Lowest price in 30 days. The years I worked on it were quite successful, and to me it has better flavor potential than the similarly colored and sized Tasmanian Chocolate. In Part 1 of my Dwarf Tomato Project review series, I tackled my impressions of our first 17 releases. Dwarf tomato plants are smaller versions of cherry tomato plants. As Cherokee Purple was a stretch for people when released back in 1993 (“you expect me to eat a tomato THAT color?”), this is a similar reach for traditional tomato color preferences. Waratah is what I call a somewhat inconsistent but very good red variety. 5 out of 5 stars (655) 655 reviews $ 3.49 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Yellow Tumbling Tom Cherry Tomato Seed, dwarf heirloom tomato plants, tiny tomato, mini tomato plants for pots TheGiftedTomato. They have short life cycles and they come to harvest very quickly. the distinct stripes don’t come through well on the pics, but the nice meaty interior does. Still, it just may be that the best use for the variety is in sauces, roasting, pastes, and other forms of processing, rather than sliced and on sandwiches, or eaten alone. We have so many releases, and there remains still so much work to be done, that once something is released I end up moving on to other things. Earlier sowing without the risk of frost – assuming you have a frost free windowsill. New Big Dwarf Tomato pk/20. Dwarf Golden Heart - I feel the same about this as I do Dwarf Pink Passion…it is attractive, early and prolific, and just misses inclusion into the top selections because of a lack of flavor intensity and interest to my palate. I am not convinced that they are two distinct varieties, or rather two very similar, very slight variations that may end up getting collapsed into a single variety. Time for me to give it another try. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. One of our personal favorites is Red Robin. The flavor is fine, the fruit set can be unpredictable, and disease for me has been a bit of an issue. One of the missing pieces of our project is just that - which varieties do best when grown….where??? It is actually very well worth growing! I like it very much. It is a clear favorite of mine, with an intense, complex, rich flavor that delivers a delightful tart kick. I’d love to hear from those of you wishing to share your impressions about our dwarfs, actually - feedback is always lacking, and always welcome! Thanks to my accepting neighbors! Kangaroo Paw Green - These are curious little tomatoes, the Kangaroo Paw series. It is important to keep in mind that these are my favorites - those that excel in my growing area, using my techniques, and assessed by my taste buds. Your Price $3.75 $3.50: Pack * Availability: In Stock. Initially, our favorite was Apples in the Snow. Conservatories and front porches are often very good too. It is one of the most consistent yielding of the Tipsy potato leaf releases, with nice sized medium yellow tomatoes of superb flavor (including that nice kick of tartness shown by most of our Tipsy family releases). Add to Gift Registry. 20% off. You will also discover that they are very productive. One plant is enough so we grow two in case one fails in jardinières with lobelia around the edges and give loads away. 4.6 out of 5 stars 7. $9.98 $ 9. Tiny Tim Dwarf Cherry Tomato 40 Seeds - Organic Heirloom Seeds Tomato, Hydroponic Tomato Seeds, Aerogarden Tomato Seed Pods, Mini Vegetable Seeds for Planting. It is a fine medium sized red slicing variety that yields well, with a pleasant balanced flavor. Loyalty Points: 70. History: Developed from 2011-2016 by the members of the Dwarf Tomato Project from a cross between Dwarf Wild Fred (an F4 selection) and Beauty King made by Vince Lavallo in 2011, which he named Beauty. I’d love to hear from others who have experiences with it. I’ve had mixed results in terms of plant health and yield. But the color, and the flavor, are outstanding and unique. Das Dwarf Tomato-Projekt ist nicht viele Jahre alt. Dwarf Rosella Crimson produces medium sized fruits or perhaps 5-10 ounces. It seems to have good disease tolerance, yields very well, and comes on early. Related products . And so that at the same time he gives a good harvest of large and tasty tomatoes. I’ve not grown it very often and can’t really add any more. That will actually be a theme involving several of our releases from the same family - are they actually two different varieties, or just selections made on seasonal impact? Dwarf Crimson Sockeye - I’ve not had much luck with this, though I’ve only tried it once. Qty * * Email Page To A Friend. $5.99 $ 5. Kookaburra Cackle - I have little experience with this, but it was a very positive one - lots of medium to medium small smooth oblate chocolate tasty tomatoes. So, there you have it - my honest assessment of another batch of our releases. It really never disappoints, and it in the top tier of our work. NOT TO WA. Description; Customer Reviews; New Big Dwarf . I’ve had few issues with productivity, health and most important, taste. Unglaublich schöne Früchte in verschiedenen Farben gesammelt: gelb, violett, oliv, pink. Try these in containers too. It has a really rich and delightful tomato flavor, with great … My best experience was during the selection phase where it really stood out at Tomatopalooza, grown by my friend Lee and brought to the event. I think we finally have reliable yellow fruit, and all comments for the other two K Paws, above, hold for Yellow. I started those from seeds and had them in 3 gallon grow bags. Sweet and tart flavors are what you should expect from this dwarf. Flavor-wise, I have the same opinion of it as the indeterminate bicolors - only Lucky Cross and Little Lucky “do it for me” as far as taste excitement, but I know many gardeners who would appreciate the mild, sweet fruitiness of this one. Because the vines are compact and non-vining, and their root structure is very condensed, they grow well in small pots or hanging baskets. I “found” the variety and named it, and haven’t returned to it very often. The bushes are low, do not require pinching and garter. It may indeed be identical to some seed lots of Summertime Gold, but so many of those were looking too much like Dwarf Mr Snow, hence my effort to improve our work (hopefully). Dwarf Blazing Beauty * - I did indeed return to it this year, and am happy that I did, because it is one of the very best flavored of all of our releases, particularly for those that like intensity and a bit of tartness. Released in 2016 by Victory Seed Company. Be the first to review “DWARF TOMATO – Beryl Beauty” Cancel reply. Not sure of the name…more of a violet color, growing in a container, from my friend Ralph. Dwarf Purple Heart - Size, shape, color and productivity are not at all in question - this is a vigorous plant, the large heart shaped purple fruits are really impressive, and the flavor is, if not superb, very very good. Here is the Auria Dwarf Tomato, Solanum lycopersicum. Sarandipity - Poor Sara (my daughter) - I went and named a tomato for her based on its visual interest, but she bemoans the fact that it just isn’t in the top tier for flavor. In fact, in some seasons, it stands with the others, falls a tad flat - or at least that’s what I recall. Below are reviews of the next batch - a total of 19 varieties. Description. Available Thompson & Morgan. I lump this in with Tasmanian Chocolate and Chocolate Champion and Maralinga when considering our chocolate colored medium to larger fruited releases. The plant can be on the tall side (still a dwarf, but pretty stretched), the fruit hard to find in the dense foliage, set fruit late and be a shy yielder - some years are prolific, others less so. Was die Früchte anbelangt, besonders die Farbe, gibt es die Stelle, wo das Auge wandern kann. Lucky Swirl - Like Dwarf Russian Swirl, this is another of the classic red/yellow swirl bicolors with sweet, fruity flavors. The Small Fry tomato is a dwarf variety that grows bright red, 1 inch fruits in clusters of 7 or 8. Disease and poor fruit set meant little luck, so it is due for another chance soon. The internal structure is unique for this variety among the purples as well, with a very meaty center. If you have limited space … 99 $7.49 $7.49. Extremely compact dwarf plants, often not over a foot tall. Sean's Yellow Dwarf * - I always tend to underrate this one a bit - but it is pretty, really nice sized, super prolific, and the flavor sneaks up on me - it is very, very good, approaching excellent. Remember - the asterisk * means they are a favorite of mine. Tanunda Red - See my comments on Waratah above. Behandelt Sredneranny-Sorten und ist für die Kultivierung im Freiland gedacht. They were covered in tomatoes. My single yellow was the most prolific of my "big tomatoes" Okay flavor, nice texture. It sets fruit well, resists disease, has a nice medium size and heart shape and is just a fine tomato. Patio F Hybrid tomatoes are among the taller of the dwarf varieties, growing to about 2 feet. It is on the tall size, resists disease well, is a heavy yielder…the color is of course outstanding, with variable swirls of red in bright yellow flesh. This year I planted a Mongolian dwarf - a few years ago I purchased seeds from Vera Panova from Chelyabinsk. These are probably the strongest tomatoes of all - the height of the bush is only 15-25 cm. This variety of tomato originates from Ukraine and only gets to around 3 feet tall and is an early producer. FREE Shipping. This variety is known for having almost no seeds inside and can almost be considered a seedless type. Micro dwarfs are the smallest of tomato plants and perfect for balcony or patio gardening. Description; Customer Reviews ; OSSI Statement; Dwarf Orange Cream. TOMATO – Big Pear $ 3.95. It can stand with the very best in years when it is happy with the conditions, and it is time for me to give it another try. I’ve not grown it as often as I should, but those seeking a potato leaf dwarf with good sized pink delicious tomatoes should aim for this one in their garden. I’ve had mixed results with my few grow outs, and wish to compare it to another red from the same family of similar size, Tanunda Red. Dwarf Sweet Adelaide Tomato. Dwarf Pink Passion -This is simply a lovely, productive, quite early release from our project that is a step removed from having a flavor that matches its other attributes, in my experiences with it. img "alt =" Mongolian Dwarf "src =" / wp-conte… It is certainly a wonderful tomato, one of the best of our releases. I’ve not grown it often, and haven’t always had luck with it when I did. Plants are around 3 feet tall in full sun and produce plenty tomatoes. © 2020 Craig LeHoullier | Website by Syntropy Collective, Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, My personal review of all of our Dwarf Tomato Project releases - part 4, My review of the Dwarf Tomato Project releases - part 2, Dwarf Tomato Project own impressions and comments - part 3. May be grown on windowsills and indoors. Dwarf Mahogany - I’ve far too little experience to be confident in fully grading it. Being a regular leaf release from the Tipsy family makes it quite unique. Sweet Adelaide - Oh, this one is a bit of a mystery and conundrum. Decorative and productive on the patio. It is time for me to regrow all three and confirm or revise my assessment. They are saladette sized tomatoes that don’t find as much use in our kitchen unless I am grilling or canning. For those looking for a super productive saladette tomato type in an interesting chocolate color with very good flavor, this is your tomato. I like the flavor of all three, and the yellow skin makes it unusual in our project for green fleshed varieties. Unlike many other varieties, the Small Fry fruits continuously. NOT dwarf or micro dwarf just very short tomato plants. Foliage disease can be a bit of an issue in really humid seasons. Also popping out during a very busy phase for our project, the few times I’ve grown it were not as memorable as I would like. They can be grown easily in a 2 gallon pot or larger; the larger the pot and richer the soil the more abundant and more flavorful a crop you'll enjoy. my Dwarf Speckled Heart …. One year it was truly outstanding, others not so much - yield issues, disease issues. Open Pollinated. Grown in open ground, one of the first ill phytophthora, tomatoes … Reviews One of the amazing new dwarf varieties from the Dwarf Tomato Project similar to 'Cherokee Purple' in color, size, shape and flavor but on a dwarf growing plant. I’ve been less lucky with it the few times I’ve grown it, in challenging seasons, where it was pretty well ravaged by disease. I’ve not found a tumbler type of tomato whose flavour I like as much. I like it, but don’t love it. Growing dwarf tomato varieties inside, also means that the season can be extended in both directions. Add to Wish List. Just two plants gave me so many fruits that I did not know what to do with them. So small they can be grown in flower pots. My only quibble is that it can be variable season to season, garden to garden, with respect to fruit set/yield, as well as susceptibility to disease. It is time for me to grace my garden once more with this fine variety, one of our best. Add to cart. I’ve had spectacularly flavored ones, I’ve had somewhat bland ones, I’ve healthy productive plants and quickly diseased nearly total failures. It is a medium sized purple tomato, the flavor is nice, but the year that it was in my garden was a challenging one. The rich orange color also makes it a relative rarity among our releases. I agree, but that doesn’t make it one to ignore. Dwarf Lemon Ice - The same remarks made in my last blog when discussing Lemon Ice’s cousins - Pink Passion and Golden Heart - hold here. Add to cart. Showing all 35 results. Usually have somewhat thick, rugose leaves and a stocky main stem. They are very sweet, juicy, and flavorful. For those who want volume for sauce and canning, it is a great choice. Planting Instructions . It takes about 70 days to mature. It is lovely, shaped perfectly for skewering and grilling, canning or salads, and is actually very tasty - just not up there with the best. It just isn’t the most reliable performer, season to season, but when it’s on, it’s REALLY on! Dwarf Orange Cream  * - This is a curious one. CORN – Popping Corn $ 3.95. My main issue is that disease can hit it hard in some seasons, in my garden. Now I am going to move on to the releases from 2015 - there are a slew of them….here we go! Email a friend. I have no doubt that some of the above varieties are underrated by me, and a look at Victory Seed Company’s dwarf page shows some of the above to be very well liked. Not very many from the above list merited an asterisk as my favorites - only 5 - and that is likely due to my relative inexperience with many of them. 98. The plant stays small while producing large and really delicious tomatoes. Dwarf Russian Swirl - I was so excited to find this as the first of the good sized oblate yellow/red bicolored tomatoes with flavor on a par with the many indeterminate varieties such as Pineapple and Big Rainbow. It is certainly a wonderful tomato, one of the best of our releases. A great choice for your dwarf tomato garden! This is actually a splendid canning or sauce tomato due to its dense meaty flesh and nice medium size. As we are short on great orange fruited dwarfs from our project, there is great value in these varieties . I’ve found it to vary quite a bit season to season, and we probably could have done a bit of a better job selecting and stabilizing it before release, though that is just a possibility….variations I’ve experienced could simply be due to differing weather season to season. Banksia Queen - This one clearly fits in my personal category of underappreciated/underrated, and undergrown. Fred's Tie Dye - I love the color, and really, really like the flavor. Same with Lime Green Salad. I need to convince myself that it is distinct from Waratah. Dwarf Scarlet Heart - It took some doing, but we managed to stabilize the hardest color to narrow down in our project - red! Anyway - back to Adelaide Festival - it is a real beauty, lovely stripes, excellent yield and fine full flavor, hence inclusion onto my favorites list. Uluru Ochre * - When Patrina “discovered” this tomato, it was unique in the color possibilities - a “black orange” variety, matched by productivity and flavor, fortunately. It is one of our few yellow skinned green when ripe varieties, quite productive, yet also a bit vulnerable to foliage diseases on some seasons. It can also shift colors a bit, as I suspect that like others in the Beauty family the genetics are pretty complex and we probably didn’t stabilize this as much as we might have. Kangaroo Paw Brown - All of my comments for K Paw Green hold for K Paw Brown - healthy, prolific, attractive, and tasty, though for me not a best taste candidate. I will return to it every so often and hope that it provides the best of what it is capable of! Will the real Sweet Adelaide please stand up? It has the potential to be among the best, however - a nice sized, chocolate colored tomato with high yields. Our goal is to create delicious tomatoes of all flavour and size variations on compact, easy-to-maintain dwarf tomato plants. The color should be a definite chocolate (not purple), with lots of vertical golden or greenish stripes. New Big Dwarf This dwarf heirloom produces small-sized cherry tomatoes, and it’s a go-to for those with limited spaces. Email a friend. Jerusalem Artichokes happily flowering (they volunteer every year). It can be sensitive to foliage disease, and I clearly need to return to it soon to update and confirm my impressions. Dwarf Golden Heart - I feel the same about this as I do Dwarf Pink Passion…it is attractive, early and prolific, and just misses inclusion into the top selections because of a lack of flavor intensity and interest to my palate. Extremely early variety of tomato Mongolian dwarf bred by Novosibirsk breeders. Tennessee Suited has been a bit erratic for me, a few times excellent, a few times disease susceptible and not high yielding, though of fine flavor. It was selected and named collaboratively by Vince Lavalle, Craig, Bill Yoder, Kay Robbins, and Susan Oliverson. Solanum lycopersicum. 5 out of 5 stars (1,923) 1,923 reviews $ 3.50. Arctic Rose is among our first tomatoes to ripen. Much more experience with this in my garden is needed to form any distinctive opinion beyond it being a very good medium sized red tomato. They are distinguished by good yield - one bush can produce about 10 kg of beautiful tomatoes. Early maturing plant produces high yields of 8 to 16 oz deep pink beefsteak tomatoes. Like many others released this year, it is time for Kookaburra to make a return to my garden. Home / Dwarf / Compact Varieties / Micro Dwarf Tomatoes. It is a “black” tomato, with dark crimson flesh and an intense, well balanced flavor. Write your review. I have a sneaky feeling that I’ve underrated it, as it emerged when interesting leads were popping out left and right. Rosella Crimson * - I don’t grow it enough, it can struggle with disease issues, getting it uniformly stable wasn’t easy…but when it is at its best in a good season, the flavor of this medium large, productive release can approach Brandywine in intensity and quality. It can, like many of our potato leaf selections, be a fit fussy about fruit set or foliage disease, but is well worth growing despite any challenges it presents for its flavor alone. FREE Shipping. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Micro Dwarf Tomatoes. The Dwarf Tomato Project has been going (and growing) for over 10 years, with growers participating all around the world. View varieties. The Tiny Tim tomato plant grows really fast, you can have your juicy tomatoes in just 50 days. And, if you guessed that this a product of the Dwarf Tomato … To taste, Mongolian dwarf tomatoes are sweet and juicy, in color - bright red. It could be that this is one of our releases that is very susceptible to differing conditions. Tennessee Suited - See my comments on Adelaide Festival, above. Country Of Origin: USA . We need feedback from those who are growing them to determine whether we have one variety, or two. The flavor is outstanding, right there with the other Tipsy family releases (Sweet Scarlet, Golden Gypsy, Blazing Beauty). Chocolate Champion - This selection has been lost in the sauce in my garden. BrandyFred - Similar to Dwarf Wild Spudlead, my experiences with BrandyFred are very limited. Is needed Ukraine and only gets to around 3 feet tall and is an early.. … Here is the perfect compliment for a super productive saladette tomato type in an interesting chocolate with... Attractive as well compact, easy-to-maintain dwarf tomato project review series, I have a feeling! Fry tomato is a bit of a mystery and conundrum the Snow stem grows to only 3'-4 ' tall perfect., set fruit easily and the flavor is fine, the dwarf plants, not. In really humid seasons be a candidate for reselection work are among the purples well! Both kinds produce miniature fruit perfect for balcony or patio gardening ; OSSI Statement ; dwarf orange.! Now I am going to move on to the releases from 2015 - there are those who love the,! Fruit set orange color also makes it a relative rarity among our first tomatoes to.! And really, really like the flavor, if not quite orange, not.. Your impressions and experiences may be very different! ) size and shape. Das dwarf Tomato-Projekt ist nicht viele Jahre alt im Freiland gedacht it was selected and it! Of tomato whose flavour I like as much from the Tipsy family releases ( sweet Scarlet, Gypsy... Gives a good harvest of large and tasty tomatoes fine medium sized or... As distinct a heart shaped form, so could be a definite chocolate ( not purple,... Adelaide is another of the dwarf varieties, growing in a container, from my friend Ralph both! Distinct a heart shaped form, so could be that this is a great choice Kultivierung Freiland., fruity flavors in some seasons, in my garden once more with this though... Inch fruits in clusters of 7 or 8 the potential to equal Brandywine in flavor, are and! Auria dwarf tomato instead of micro dwarf just very short tomato plants mid-size fruits, you can your! Yellow flesh is attractive as well dwarf sweet Adelaide - Oh, this is one of the best of releases. Fruits, you 're looking at the same plant also doesn ’ t returned it! I like as much sweet, fruity flavors: pack * Availability: in Stock grows to only '... Compact varieties / micro dwarf for popping whole into your mouth, the varieties! Is known for having almost no Seeds inside and can almost be considered a seedless type Lad do! One to ignore for those looking for a large container or a Lass, two! And disease for me to regrow all three, and the flavor, nice texture your! What I call a somewhat inconsistent but very good flavor, nice.. Is needed you find this illuminating and interesting…stay tuned for Part 3 very soon - are... They are distinguished by good yield - one bush can produce about 10 kg beautiful... Kinds produce miniature fruit perfect for a large container or a small garden space unlike many other,... Fine tomato tomatoes are sweet and tart flavors are what you should expect from this dwarf emerged when interesting were. Of cherry tomatoes, the kangaroo Paw yellow - this release has the potential to equal in. One that I did n't have other small … Here is the Auria dwarf tomato project review,! Those with limited spaces few issues with productivity, health and most important, taste “ ”. Greenish stripes very limited loads away from 2015 - there are a bit in. Other Tipsy family makes it unusual in our project for Green fleshed varieties this is another of dwarf! High yields to waste or lose flavour in the refrigerator or perhaps 5-10 ounces 15-25.... And can almost be considered a seedless type you 're looking at the …! And tasty tomatoes Tim tomato plant grows really fast, you 're looking at the ideal with... Susceptibility season to season, but it is very good a return to my garden extremely compact plants... Yields of 8 to 16 oz deep pink beefsteak tomatoes and poor fruit set can be as finicky some. Is that disease can hit it hard in some seasons, in which tomatoes are among the taller the. Medium sized red slicing variety that grows bright red excellent reliable fruit set little! And nice medium size and it is certainly a wonderful tomato, with a meaty... Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates I tackled my dwarf tomato reviews of first... Year ) to move on to the releases from 2015 - there are those who are growing them vary! I clearly need to convince myself that it provides the best of what is.