It's skirted and hides the trapway effectively. So if your aim is to get the best efficiency possible, this may not be the smartest choice. The K-3986-0 from Memoirs, is a popular toilet from Kohler. The 2034314.020 from the Champion 4 collection is an ADA compliant toilet that looks great. In addition to the impressive 1000g flush rating given to it by MaP, it also includes a EverClean gloss which prevents mildew, mold, and anything else that causes odors in the washroom from building up. $122.00 $71.57 (4) ... 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful 5 of 5 Toto lavatory sink February 26th, 2015 by James from Atlanta, Ga. Top quality product and excellent service from J. Keats is hard to beat. Again, supply line and seat are not included, so be wary of any extra costs this may incur and how it may effect your budget if you have one. KOHLER K-3987-96 is a two … The Entrada bowl and tank set includes a tank to bowl gaskets, tank to bowl hardware, and toilet bolt caps. The Entrada utilizes TOTO's E-max flushing system, featuring a 3-in wide flush valve, extra-large siphon jet, and a large trap way. When it comes to gallons per flush, it sends 1.6 gallons, or 6.0 litres through the bowl. TOTO's universal height allows for a more comfortable seat position across a wide range of users. In most modern households, a twelve inch rough in will be sufficient. This may of been true in the past, but design innovations have improved over the years to the point where toilets can achieve a strong flush with less water. ADA compliant 17.6” toilet seat height promises ease of movement and comfort to users. Elongated, or rounded. If you find the height of a kitchen chair comfortable to sit on, then a Comfort Height toilet should be fine for you. The same effect can still be achieved with a universal height bowl, but may require a stall at the foot of the bowl. Comfort Height. The TOTO Carlyle II has a left-hand chrome trip lever and an included TOTO SoftClose seat. Chair height is the common term for all toilets with a height that is at least 17 inches while comfort height is a brand-specific term, for chair heights. This two-piece toilet uses an extra-wide valve for flushing, and it can h… The American Standard Cadet 3 toilet (Model#2988.101.020) is a top-quality toilet, and its comfort height offers any user a very comfortable experience. 2 – American Standard Comfort Height Elongated Front This two-piece toilet has the elongated seat design and is full of curves. By using our site you agree to using cookies. So let's just use comfort height here for … The elongated version CST424 The CST423 round bowl is 1-1/2" shorter. The cost of installation will be about $178 for a total cost of $346. Bowl shape. There are a number of soft closing seats to choose on that are compatible with this product. The TOTO Entrada Two-Piece Round 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet offers a clean and modern high profile design. Rated 3 out of 5 by HH from Great but expensive toilet This toilet replaced a 30+-year-old toilet one that no longer functioned, so any working commode would be a delight in comparison! This in itself makes them a more suitable choice for the elderly and disabled people. Convenient Height bowl taller than ADA Comfort Height. Unlike some units we've researched above, this isn't a Watersense model. What is the difference between comfort height toilet and standard height . Perhaps the highly efficient nature of its flush is the stand out function, with the ability to save thousands of gallons through its 1.28 gallon system. Less stress on body - Because there is less distance between the standing and seated positions, it puts far less stress on key joints and muscles. Round bowls save space. The smooth surfaces surrounding the bowl and tank also help speed up cleaning tasks, thanks to there being fewer places for dirt and germs to hide. The seat is installed, and its a one piece bowl / tank combo which means less installation work, and less time consumed. Other features include an elongated bowl, left hand trip lever, and it fitting a twelve inch rough in. This can make a huge difference to some people. A nice range of choice for contrasting style tastes. Find My Store. A Comfort Height toilet will measure over 16 1/2″ from floor to rim and with a seat installed will measure over 17″. Comfort Height® feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults. It is also coated with CEFIONTECT glazing which helps prevent particles, germs, and bacteria from building up. The toilet features Toto’s famous CEFIONTECT finish, it not only provides a smooth and gleaming look but also prevents bacteria and dirt from sticking to the surface. Round or elongated, the shape of the bowl is matter of preference, but both have pros and cons. Your supply line and seat will need to be bought separately however. Rated 3 out of 5 by HH from Great but expensive toilet This toilet replaced a 30+-year-old toilet one that no longer functioned, so any working commode would be a delight in comparison! Rough in - Perhaps the most important thing buyers should know about, is their rough in size. One would be forgiven thinking that because this unit meets Environmental protection agencies WaterSense standards, that it has a weaker flush. When you buy a Toto Drake® Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.6 And 0.8 GPF Universal Height Dynamax Tornado Flush® Toilet With CEFIONTECT® With Toilet Seat online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. I wish I could get some reassurance on this decision - the Perfecta has the round bowl, comfort height that I want, a nice appearance, a larger flush valve than the Dalton and a MAP rating of 1000 to the Dalton's 650 - … Something that sets it apart from its main competitors is that it's a all in one package that is ready to go out of the box. By condensing all the information as we have above, we hope that you have a better understanding of what to keep an eye out for and what features to avoid. The Toto CST454CEFG meets the ADA height requirements. Comfort height toilets can be used by almost every person apart from shorter people. However, despite it using a fairly large amount of water, its G-Max system is known to be reasonably quiet. There is less exposure to important fixtures and they are easy to clean and keep spotless. $357.00 ... TOTO Eco Soiree One Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF ADA Toilet with Double Cyclone Flush ... Kohler Cimarron 1.28 GPF Two-Piece Round Comfort Height Toilet with AquaPiston Technology - Seat Not Included. This comfort height toilet has an EverClean surface, which prevents mildew, mold, and bacteria from growing on the toilet surface. Less natural for your body - There is the argument that standard height bowls are better for passing waste through your body. As the name suggests, this toilet measures 20″ from floor to rim. It also achieves max marks on the MaP flush performance tests (1000g), proving it handles bulk waste well. Max length from wall – 24 ½” Max width (including tank) … Sometimes, standard size bowls are a better fit. It has a beautifully crafted external design. This is a high score, and fits into our strongly recommended criteria. Without the required expertise to install this, it can get costly quickly. The K-4636 Cachet, K-5588 Purefresh, and K-4108 C3 are all sensible choices here. ... American Standard Cadet Pro 2-Piece 1.28 GPF Single Flush Round Toilet in White . While there are several models of the Toto Drake, Toto CST744S is the best model to pick. It is only available in cotton white and Sedona beige finishes. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but depending on your unit, you get more freedom with how it's installed. Round or elongated, the shape of the bowl is matter of preference, but both have pros and cons. KOHLER K-3987-96 Wellworth Two-Piece Round-Front Dual-Flush Toilet. You should also be asking yourself if they are right for you. Convenient Height 20-inch tall bowl adds bathroom safety and eliminates inconvenience of low toilets and elevated riser seats. Comfort height round toilet will give you premium experience while using. Although you do get a mix of both sometimes too (see elongated round front options). for pricing and availability. What's this? Chair and comfort height are two different terms but they refer to a toilet of the same height. The TOTO Entrada 2-piece Round 1.28 GPF universal height toilet offers a clean and modern high-profile design. Must purchase wax ring, seat, and supply for installation, Learn more about TOTO's People Planet Water Certifications & Compliance, Revit Model - CST743S, CST743SB, CST743SD, CST743SDB, Drake® Two-Piece Toilet, 1.6 GPF, Round Bowl, Computer Designed, Fully Glazed Trapway, Other tanks available to accommodate bolt down lid and insulated tank requirements. The Entrada bowl and tank set includes a tank to bowl gaskets, tank to bowl hardware, and toilet bolt caps. Model: K-3887. If you are looking for a toilet, you hear a lot about 17 to 19 inch Comfort Height toilets that have an ADA toilet height. Comfort height or ADA height begins at 17″ right up to 19″, measured from the floor to the top of the toilet seat. Joined: Apr 29, 2009 . So is this smart design or an excellent job at consumer research? Comparing this height to a standard height toilet of around 14.5″, that is a huge difference. On one hand, this makes it easier to lift and move around the house into position. This means that the bowl and outer surface are designed with the special EverClean surface, making the toilet easy to clean. Mounting - Whilst the majority of toilets you come across will be floor mounted, those with a more unique style taste may appreciate what wall hung toilets have to offer. wall mounted options tend to require some DIY work, especially if you need some form of in wall carrier system to hold the tank. A comfort height toilet bowl has several advantages over standard height bowls. In this best comfort height toilet review, we’ve conducted thorough research and managed to bring you some of the top comfort height toilets on the market. The WOODBRIDGE T-0018/B-0735 Elongated Toilet has a comfort height design that allows you to easily sit down on it, and the elongated bowl only helps to increase comfort. Comfort height toilets are ADA-approved, and their seat heights are between 17 to 19 inches. They both measure 26.38 inches long by 19.5 inches wide and 28.5 inches tall. That being said, it might be a good option for adults and tall people who find it quite hard to get on and off the standard 15 inch tall toilet. Chair Height vs Comfort Height Toilet. In fact, by switching to a low flow toilet, you stand to save between twenty and sixty percent, or thirteen thousand gallons per year. A regular kitchen chair is a good comparison to a Comfort Height toilet. Cadet 3 Round-Front Two-Piece Toilet with Concealed Trapway, EverClean Surface, PowerWash Rim and Right Height Bowl - Includes Seat Available in 1 finish $336.70 (31) We agree to a point. TOTO UltraMax Elongated Toilet - Comfort Height - Cotton White is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 29. In this case, you're looking at 17 inch, 18 inch, even 19 inch toilets. Kohler 1.28 GPF Two-Piece Comfort Height Elongated Toilet with 14" Rough In, Right Hand Trip Lever, Insuliner and Tank Locks from the Highline Collection Model: K-3949-RZ Starting at $422.25 Thus, they could save you up to 3 inches lengthwise compared to an elongated bowl. Home - Knowledgebase About - Privacy & Disclosure - Contact. Toto Drake is a two-piece single/dual flush elongated/round and comfort height toilet. People Planet Water Certifications & Compliance. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Toto Part #: CST746CSMFG#01-S on this page. However, some consumers will need a more custom fit, and that's where a fourteen and ten inch rough in toilets come into the equation. It's kind of a meet-in-the-middle for this little Galba. To offer the best possible service, this website uses cookies. The lowest toilet I came across is also a Kohler. Toilet Advice may earn compensation through affiliate links on this page. So, you should check the height before buying it. This isn't true. Looking at the flush functionality, this is gravity fed and activated via a trip lever on the side of its tank, which sends just 1.28 gallons through the bowl. Toto Drake is a two-piece single/dual flush elongated/round and comfort height toilet. Brand name - The manufacturer you choose should usually be one with a longstanding reputation in the industry. So what makes the Toto Drake a good toilet? Please fill in your contact information, below, and send us a note. It was only after a lot of research, I came across two 19 inch toilets. Combines with a K-4467/-RA or K-4436/-RA tank to create a complete K-5481/-RA or 5296/-RA toilet. Overall, this is made by a reputable manufacturer, and we have found the amount of positive feedback found by far outweighs the negative, and that is generally a good sign. And they do so without compromising their performance, aesthetic properties, and comfortability. The Entrada bowl and tank set includes a tank to … The Entrada bowl and tank set includes a tank to bowl gasket, tank to bowl hardware, and toilet … On the other hand, the elongated bowl toilet is best suited for people who want comfort and efficiency. E-MAX® Toto Tip: The powerful and efficient E-Max flushing system saves water by using a wide valve and extra-large siphon jet. There are advantages over the old 3.5 gallon are quite clear, with thousands of gallons of water potentially being saved each year, protecting not just the environment but your wallet. Gallons per flush - The GPF is an important spec we look into to see how much water a toilet saves compared to its competitors. Elongated styles are more spacious and comfortable to sit on, but they tend to be more expensive. Some folks don't prefer the comfort height, but some do. Entrada Universal Height Round Toilet Bowl - Cotton White. There are so many extra specifications within the designs to consider that can actually be quite daunting for the inexperienced buyer. This ensures it meets EPA Watersense standards in efficiency and could end up saving you money on your bills over the 3.5 GPF and 1.6 GPF toilets. Excellent for consumers wanting a economically friendly, high toilet. This makes them popular additions to senior citizens and disabled peoples bathrooms. Model #CST423SFG-01. Whilst its 1.6 gallons per flush is far better than old 3.5 gallon units, it still falls short of EPA label standards. It measures 31.4 by 28.2 by 20.1 inches, has a 2 inch flush valve, and a reasonably large water surface area of 11-1/8 x 8-1/2". Consumer feedback - We believe an excellent and reliable source of information about product quality is through customer reviews. American Standard 2315.228.020 Baby Devoro Flowise – Best Toilet For Small Spaces; Editor’s Choice; Best Round Toilet Comparison Chart; Best Round Toilets Buying Guide. Comparitively, standard bowls measure around 14 1/2" to … Kohler K-3889-0 Highline Comfort Height 1.28 gpf Toilet, 10-inch Rough-In, White 4.6 out of 5 stars 50 TOTO CST744EL#01 Eco Drake Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF ADA Compliant Toilet, Cotton White Flush activation - When it comes to activating your flushing system, users have a few choices. And that is the case here, with a tornado mechanism that achieves 800g on the MaP scale. Entrada 1.28 GPF Close Coupled Round Toilet - … Three of the best selling brands of standard height toilets are made by Toto, Drake, and American Standard. If you have a small budget, ask yourself is the extra cost worth the improved aesthetics? If you're still unsure after reading this, you can have a look at your previous models spec sheet, or contact a plumbing professional to come and measure it for you. It's got a chrome trip lever for flush activation, located on the side of its tank, and comes in a number of different finishes including colonial white, cotton, beige, and bone. Buy on Lowe's. Choose wisely. TOTO CST743S#01 Drake Round Bowl and Tank. One-piece or Two-piece. If you measure from the base of its bowl to the top of its rim, you get 16-1/8 inches, coupled with a seat will bring it into ADA compliancy. Toto CST743S-01 Drake – Budget Buy; 4. Model #1061196 ... No Bowl Height : Comfort height Bowl Height With Seat : 17-5/8-in Bowl Height Without Seat : 16-1/2-in Bowl Shape : ... Sonoma 2-Piece Toilet - Round Bowl - 4.8 L - 16.5" Format 4.8L. Elongated styles are more spacious and comfortable to sit on, but they tend to be more expensive. SS224, SS214, SS114 are just a few examples of these. The color finishes available are cotton white, colonial white, Sedona beige, bone and ebony. Guest friendly - If you tend to have friends and older family members visit, an extra tall toilet for the elderly will most likely be a more sensible choice for meeting everyones washroom requirements. The smallest Toto toilet currently available is are two models from the original Toto Drake toilet series. Each brings something different to the table, be it through unique designs or flushing mechanisms. Selecting the right ones to fit your needs will make you appreciate your new TOTO toilet even more. With the addition of a seat, this will enable it to meet ADA toilet height criteria. Arizonagirl New Member. This is known for allowing water through the bowls from all angles, hitting, and cleaning difficult spots around the rim, keeping it cleaner for longer. TOTO AP Wall Mounted Elongated Chair Height Toilet Bowl Only with Skirted Design and CeFiONtect - Less Seat. If saving space while retaining the same comfort level is your ultimate goal, then a round bowl toilet is your go-to model. Pros. The most important of which is greater accessibility due to there being less stress on the knees, back, and joints in general. A model with a round toilet bowl is also available. Arizonagirl, Jun 12, … Listed out below are some of the leading chair height toilets identified through our in depth research. Furthermore, it is ideal for older people and those with special needs. However, if the goal is to save space in a more compact environment, then round bowls are your friend. You can read a bit more on that here. The TOTO CST743S#01 Drake Round Bowl Toilet is the smallest Toto toilet I found that is currently available (link to its page #ad) Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth – Dual Flush Toilet ; 5. TOTO Entrada Elongated Toilet - Comfort Height - Cotton White is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 7. Woodbridge Dual Flush Elongated Comfort Height Toilet; 4.3 3. Comfort - The key is in the name. For general feedback & inquiries, please contact us: Within the United States: TollFree: 1-888-295-8134 Direct: 770-282-8686. There are advantages to owning both, especially in a family home. Lowest Height Toilet with Low Profile Tank. It fits the standard twelve inch rough, and comes with a nice rectangular shaped bowl. Toto Entrada is a single flush two-piece elongated and comfort height toilet. Black toilets certainly … It's not particularly expensive looking at the options available in the industry as a whole, and has plenty of solid reviews to read through to further understand its qualities and potential flaws.